Friday photograph


Happy days: fishing Clarke’s up on Middle Varzuga’s top beat during my late-June 2014 visit. Much upstream of here and you would be poaching in Pana’s water..
I know the line is hanging loose but I had to take the photo didn’t I?! The rock just downstream, incidentally, is called Red Rock. I am reliably informed on this because it was Varzuga legend Brian Fratel who immediately identified it when I showed him the shot on my phone in Farlows. His next question was: ‘Did you catch a fish down from the rock?’ The answer was yes..  Continue reading

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Quiet on the Nith


Days 1-3, very little to report from a low water Nith but tributaries Scaur and Cairn are up five inches tonight following an intense small
thunderstorm and Porters beckons tomorrow.


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Fast fading into the past but Nith up next


A fish on my first full day on the Varzuga, Sunday 22nd June. And a great pose by guide Ivan. Photo by Terry Mallin.

MV fish1withCalvinsShrimp

Okay my very first fish of the week, on the Saturday night before dinner, was also a grilse. Caught on a Calvin’s Shrimp tied by Ross Macdonald.

Most of the fish subsequently were bigger (a really good average size of 8 or 9lb?) and brighter than this one but I had not got my eye in after a seven month layoff and this, my second, was important, not least also because I lost about five out of my first seven fish hooked thanks to some truly terrible wee tube doubles I was using, barbless, and the salmon just seemed to fall off! Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Next up the River Nith, which is low at the moment and not huge prospect of rain but there are showers up there for the next week

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MV: one before breakfast


Last Thursday morning I found myself awake at what is 4am UK time (7 in Russia). I thought Where on earth am I? Middle Varzuga camp that’s where, and breakfast is served in an hour.

I remember briefly wrestling with the Kola conundrum. I still have two full days’ salmon fishing and that’s a lot of fishing. And yet I could get a fish before breakfast by dint of simply slipping on my thigh waders and walking the two minute walk to the Generator Continue reading

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Varzuga, 40 hours ago


Here are some shots of playing a fish at 2:40pm UK time but into the last half hour of  MV2014

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Salmon Fly Presentations


Thanks to Rune Andre Stokkebekk for reminding us that we don’t have to be boring casting machines. My own view is that we do do those different things to get a salmon to take and often in the intensity of the moment this is forgotten or set aside for a winter fireside thought. But let’s pull it out now. Read this and my favourite bit is casting to a known salmon in a lie just to the edge of the window of vision then bringing on a sort of induced take by speeding up the fly.
Tight lines Henry

Originally posted on Guidelineflyfish's Blog:

Text & Photo: Kieran Conlon – Guideline Power Team Ireland

Cast down and across at 45 degrees, upstream mend as we where taught by our forefathers, fly swings across and we repeat the same process over and over again. If we are lucky we may even catch a fish or two.

For many this is how we fish the fly when attempting to catch that great prize, the Atlantic Salmon, and yes it certainly worked when our fathers were fishing for Salmon and most rivers had great runs of fish. It still works today too but there is much more that we can do to increase our chances.

So what’s wrong with the old ways, well down and across at 45 degrees with an upstream mend serves to slow the fly down as it traverses the current, in other words it fishes the fly slowly. This technique was also employed…

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Welcome to the post-selfie world

Welcome to the post-selfie world

Good afternoon and I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous summer weather here in the UK (before the thunder storms strike tomorrow).

There is so much happening in the fishing world just now as the salmon fishing guns up in the wild places of the northern hemisphere.
Notably some gorgeous looking B-I-G silver salmon being caught on the River Gaula at Storen by Norwegian Flyfishers Club members/visitors.

A semi-underwater photograph of one of these by filmmaker and photographer Daniel Goz has popped up online today. The fish was a beautiful salmon caught by Jen-Luc Vestraeten from beat BS1 and as he released it Daniel was there to record the moment. See the fish here on this link – but not the underwater shot which was a Facebook job although the other pic is also brilliant.

I haven’t run it here so instead here is an old fav and another Goz shot. Regular readers will know it but let’s just say it’s a still from the Gaula movie and a happy memory…

The Varzuga is fishing its head off now but warming up fast and I shall be at their middle camp in two weeks which is just a little bit unnerving. I have been genning up on hitch flies, bombers and the like, helped in part by a nice article by Sandy Leventon in July’s TandS.

And a trip in to Farlows where Brian F has kindly undertaken the task of selecting me a little box of stuff to take out there – flies mostly. When I chose some 15lb Maxima ultra green he said – Go lighter than that. So 12lb or even my Hardy 10lb Mach fluorocarbon.
I tied Sunrays on plastic tubes and Salar gold and silver doubles last night but have to really watch out I don’t drop a hook on the floor as we have a new puppy scampering around in the daytime.
And the strange title to this post? Well I’m sure I’m not alone in believing for a time that the photo taken with camera turned back on oneself in a bid to capture a wild, solitary moment was somehow my invention. As a blogger I felt licensed to self indulge in this way but now that selfies have become ‘so’ mainstream I gave gone off them to some extent.

While I acknowledge however that they have captured the zeitgeist, the name however just sounds, well, selfish in the broadest sense but that’s to some extent the sometimes inward looking navel-gazing online world we sometimes inhabit. I was going to say no more selfies but I realise that’s ridiculous.
That’s it for now.

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