Friday fish from Creed (well Thursday)


Paul caught a salmon yesterday (Thursday) on the Creed (pictured above):

“Well, it wasn’t silver but a fish is still a fish. The Creed in full flood today but never say never *Smile* Unusual for me to cast an extra super fast sink poly tip and 2 inch cone head on a 7 weight single hander but needs must.”

Congrats + as this photo shows it is a beautiful place to be (Lewis).

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Or killer whale as I have always called them.

Here’s the latest from Paul on the Isle of Lewis:

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The Creed comes good (I’m a believer)


All right another Creed but still relevant here, the latest report and (drum roll) fish pics from 2014 Middle Varzuga veteran Paul:


“Perfect water on the River Creed today, 13 fish caught to the rods on what must, on its day, be some of the best Association water around. Rather fun!


“I caught 2 (one rather thin), lost one and helped net another. Also a few finnock. Tomorrow…. well perhaps…”


Well done Paul and keep the faith.

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From MV to Clachan

IMG_0077There are lots of Clachans in Scotland. There is one in Dumfriesshire, for example, one or two in Moray and one in the Western Isles.

It is to this latter I take you today, on the trail of my June Middle Varzuga fishing lodge partner, ‘Dry Fly’ Paul, a climate-change scientist at Southampton university during term-time and, during the long academic summer break (he writes without a trace of bitter envy or jealousy) a sportsman who seeks to emulate the great days when folk would head up into the Highlands of Scotland and spend not one or even two weeks up there like normal people on holiday – but three or more weeks.

IMG_0078Now Paul, perhaps in the style of a Buchan-ian hero, may have imagined he’d successfully gone to ground up there until I pressed him via a couple of emails on how the fishing was – and for a couple of fish photos for Henry’s Salmon Adventure – even if they weren’t salmon.

Like other parts of these islands over the last few days, the Western Isles of Scotland have been more or less deluged Continue reading

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Friday photograph

MVWednesdaypurplepatchIt had been a, for Middle Varzuga, relatively quiet afternoon interlude. After picking up a fish from Party pool after lunch wading, we had fished a bit from the boat in lower Generator and it had all gone quiet.
So I suggested to Ivan I’d like to spend the last hour and a half wading and I headed up to the very top of Generator pool.

I had on an RS Tiger fly – part of a Green Machine swopsies Terry M and I had Continue reading

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Small but good on Gaula


I have been fishing the Gaula a fortnight later than this week just gone of July 20 to 27 over the past couple of years, but on the link here is a nice description of extremely low water fishing on this normally grand Norwegian river reduced to a trickle but with some beautiful little grilse still running it.

Pictured here is a small grilse taken on a trout rod and dry-fly by regular Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club guest Rolf Frischknecht from Switzerland who flicked his dry flies about hard and eventually met with success, catching a couple of decent sea-trout to boot. Continue reading

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Quiet on the Nith


Days 1-3, very little to report from a low water Nith but tributaries Scaur and Cairn are up five inches tonight following an intense small
thunderstorm and Porters beckons tomorrow.


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