Spotted on the Varzuga

John Rocha MV 21May18It couldn’t be world famous fashion designer John Rocha could it, out fishing on Russia’s Varzuga river? Yes it could. Rather a bruising salmon, beautifully marked.

The Varzuga continues to produce its legendary spring fishing. Middle camp is the best bet and is where John R is fishing. But numbers of fish are slowly creeping up on Lower and the Kitza started this week, although it is very high and very cold on that Varzuga tributary.

Elsewhere, on the Nith in ‘the nearest wild part of Scotland’ (John Buchan), ‘You can call me’ Al Blyth, who does the reports on FishNith writes:  ‘It’s been a late spring but the swallows are here, birds are singing and I saw the first ducklings this year. Continue reading

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Gollum’s riddle

Featured Image -- 5737Alive without breath; As cold as death

Never thirsty, ever drinking

All in mail; never clinking.”

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Still slow on Spey and Tweed


Well we still await strong runs of fish on Scotland’s big rivers. So the week commencing 7th May saw this report from the Spey Fishery Board:

“Last week’s forecast again failed to predict Thursday’s windy conditions, when casting a fly was difficult at times. The coming week is pretty much of the same, though perhaps a little warmer. Today’s rain is the last forecast till next weekend, temperatures also are predicted to rise again as the week progresses. The tides are building till the weekend, hopefully the bigger tides will bring in some fish, there were very few last week.’

Very few last week? Well, pictured is a nice wee salmon by Brenda Howard with a fish from Castle Grant 2.

Meanwhile the Tweed has not been producing fish in volume although some of the Continue reading

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Fish arriving

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 14.49.15Nice to see eight fish caught so far at Tweed beat Sprouston this week including two 20-pounders in the last 36 hours.

Also, 100 miles to the west, two cracking spring fish of 19lb and 23lb from the same lie by John Cameron from the Riding Stone pool at Friars Carse on the River Nith. John, a regular on the beat, was fishing a Willie Gunn fly.

Things are surely looking up, even if it’s 6 degrees outside in Cambridgeshire and we’ve had more rain than I can ever remember in the first quarter of the year.

Sadly I was unable to fish my week on the Nith this week but gave the honour to our Continue reading

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Om shanti camellias


From the foothills of the Himalayas. Or rather from my Mum’s garden, this morning.

An excitement is the delivery of a MacBook Air this afternoon. This, with a new i-Phone, will encourage me to write books. And finish editing the current one.

That is the plan. Continue reading

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It applies to fishing too


That’s it.

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Criffel Hill in 2018 – and my clever wife’s new website

Criffel d&G from Caerlaverock reserve Bill Bailey twitter picThe Nith season is underway and fish have been seen in the river, probably kelts. The opening ceremony took place at Dalswinton this year on Monday 26 February and a young angler, after only a few casts, caught a kelt.

I like the above picture very much – taken by comic and actor Bill Bailey from the Caerlaverock reserve (much loved by the BBC spring and autumn watch teams) looking west across the Solway’s salt lands to Criffel Hill. My father and I climbed this a few Julys Continue reading

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