Good works by the MSA

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It was good to hear that three fishing friends attended the recent annual dinner of the Miramichi Salmon Association in Burlington, MA and they returned heartening reports of excellent conservation initiatives by groupings of industry and conservational bodies to promote salmon numbers on this great New Brunswick river.


This blogger proudly wears his MSA hat on location last September!

One of many good offshoots of MSA sponsorship is for a scholarship of $10,000 to help a graduate student undertake research into the Continue reading

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Thoughts on teaching and guiding

Source: Thoughts on teaching and guiding

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Haven of good sport


Into a 10lb salmon on Brophy pool, River Cains last September.

Last September it was a pleasure to fish the first full session of a visit to the Miramichi in New Brunswick guided by Byron Coughlan, who runs a well known fishing camp on the River Miramichi called Country Haven. It wasn’t just that we all caught salmon that evening. It was good to see Byzie (as his friends know him) after two years away from this wild and beautiful part of Canada.


I first met Byzie in 2012 when we dropped by at Country Haven for a coffee and to see the set up, sited right on the banks of the river. It was immediately clear that the expansive riverside log-cabin premises was a haven of hospitality, warmth and above all the promise of good fishing.

In a seasonal email, Byzie wrote the following:

“We would like to thank everyone who visited us or followed our river reports Miramichi River Reports over the season  We hope your experience was a memorable one and you will visit us again in the future.

“Overall, it was a good a year for Atlantic Salmon fishing on the Miramichi with higher returns of salmon and grilse than in 2014 on both the Main River and Northwest systems so fishermen enjoyed some good fishing in 2015. Guests had a choice of All-Inclusive & Self Catering packages & Access to over 20 private pools on the Miramichi River System throughout the season. Continue reading


Star struck


I was in Farlows on December 10th: last Thursday. It was their pre-Christmas lunchtime/all day extravaganza. I met TMD – Tarquin Millington-Drake, the very same – and Justin McCarthy. The latter, sorry Tarqs, is a legend in salmon fishing and I talked to him for ten minutes.

And so, all right, it has to be said, is Tarqs.

Justin McCarthy
I was chuffed (horrible word) to meet Justin (above). As I told him I’ve met him, or not met him, seen him before – in Kelso’s epic Ednam House Hotel, and in what Roxtons’ Christopher Robinson calls: ‘The bar we know and love’ – in Murmansk airport, even in the RAC Club the other night speaking after Farlow’s 175th dinner. But I’d never spoken to him.

And then something amazing happened. He turned to me and said: “Henry, yes I know about you; you’re the blogger.”

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Kim’s under water


It was very good to talk to Christopher last night on the phone. Christopher, who has twice invited me fishing at his burgeoning camp on Canada’s Southwest Miramichi, as well as on a memorable Spey visit three years ago, sent me this rather beautiful, not to say epic, shot of the truly huge (18ft?) flood they had a week after I visited in September.
The fall colors are there on the right bank of Kim’s, where C has fishing rights.
Or should I say the autumn colours?
The river is obviously huge and although it put the kybosh on catches for a week, fish came through after that, one very big one of 20lb bouncing on to the end of C’s rod at Valentine’s camp on the Cains. 
I hope loyal readers are well and shaping up for an epic Christmas.
Our own family plans include substituting the panto for a visit

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A blob of pink on Beat 2


Forms in the distance..


And gets bigger

But despite a lovely family week or half week on the Nith, there were no fish. Saw plenty, 15-pounders, even a take to a too-big – I later conceded to myself – Red Frances but as Tom on Fish Nith said of the week, while takes were reported, few tight lines resulted (makes me feel a whole lot better).


Pippa and Lucky at Tynron's mountain

Meanwhile over on the Tweed they caught 160 salmon last
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Fish on at Valentine’s!


News from Canada:
Christopher plays a hefty fish at Valentine’s camp on the Cains River, New Brunswick at the end of last week. He had a take before then one stuck. Congrats Christopher!

Fish on: Fish stayed on: A belter, on a GP fly which fell out in the net!

Fish on: Fish stayed on: A belter, on a GP fly which fell out in the net!

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