Flights booked for Halifax, six weeks to go

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“Every fly fisherman should have the opportunity of fishing the Cains River at least once in their lifetime.”

I’m not sure whose quote this is but it appears on Byron Byzie Coughlan’s Country Haven Lodge website.

I am lucky to be set for a second visit in September and flights from Heathrow to Nova Scotia are booked so hopes are high to reprise the scene pictured here. (Playing a 15lb salmon on the River Cains in low water in 2012.)

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Big B from Russia


In June 2014 I fished at the legendary Middle Varzuga camp, sharing my lodgings with Southampton University climate-change academic Paul Rouse.
Mind the bear. Said Paul… Nice and grainy image so nice and far away, this chap.

Mind the bear. Said Paul… Nice and grainy image so nice and far away, this Middle Varzuga resident brown. Incidentally, the water is nice and high – up into the grass. (It would be extraordinary for Kola, midsummer, if we hadn’t enjoyed water almost as high last year in the ‘previous week’. 

This year Paul returned in what was, in calendar terms, a week later than our visit. It is well documented that ’15 has been harder going but I feel Paul did well to catch 20 fish in his week – and one of these was the stunning big one pictured above, which I would put at a good 17lb or so. Paul also not only saw a bear but caught a rather nice silver Humpy – or humpback Pacific pink salmon. Here’s what he said:

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Thanks chaps! Now I’m readjusting to normal life again :C

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The good people at WordPress have awarded me this gong so thank you those among you who kindly deign to, like, ‘like’ my posts. Good for morale anyway and I rate morale and the boosting thereof as a priority in life. Hope you are all having a good Monday – I am, I’m back at work but it’s sinking in what a really enjoyable week it was last
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Pulling stumps


Well it’s been a nice four days on the Nith, but heavy overnight rain has made the decision to head home for us.
But not before catching a sea-liced 7lb salmon yesterday so always happy with a July fish..
Back in October with another blog from the bog…



Skiddaw from the Solway


Saw a 5lb sea trout. It jumped in the tail of the pool last night, hanging in the air, I could see the gunmetal flanks and, I fancied, black spots. Fresh.
So that’s given hope. Meanwhile we took the coast road to the Solway yesterday and the bump on the horizon above is Skiddaw.

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Camp life


Nothing to report from the Nith so far. But it’s a lovely place
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A fish is a fish, even when it’s 2lb

One of the satisfying things about salmon fishing is that, even if your salmon is a very small grilse, it still counts as a salmon.

33lb Spring Salmon Tweed So whether your fish is this big








Gaula grilse of 3.5lb caught in August 2013

Or this big

…it still counts and in that vein I was pleased to see a fish caught recently at Newbie on the bottom River Annan on the Fish Annan site recorded at just 2lb:

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 16.58.51








Anyway I hope you are all enjoying your summers. I fish next week and hope to post a silver tourist or even multiple tourists up on this site. I shall blog from the bog – as that’s where I shall be. It’s a very nice bog though.

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