Dreich on the Nith


Beat 2 at Closeburn, October 2014.


Monday photo

Guide Sergay releases a fish at Bear Island.

Guide Sergay releases a fish at Bear Island. Varzuga, May 2011.

Trawling through my blog library, this one caught my eye. It’s Sergay, Russian guide out on the Kola’s Varzuga, who was great company out there in 2011. It was a stunning week, the ice still lay on the shore (i.e. both banks of the river). And the fish were there in their 100s and thousands…

I’m not going this year, but I am going to the Nith and Miramichi. I’ll miss it but I look forward to this year’s hunting grounds.

Wild fish, wild places…

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Wild life and running fish


Good afternoon everyone – it seems time to post again now that it’s March, and suddenly everything seems to be moving just a bit and there’s even some fish news on the grapevine.

What has been happening? It has been a time of big numbers, that’s what. The day after my last post I celebrated my 48th birthday. Sixty of you are now following this blog – thanks – and 180 of you have now liked my Facebook page Salmon Adventure – a sort of Californian-based cousin of this blog dedicated to increasing the personal fortune of Mark Zuckerberg (not really).

When an economist talks about numbers he’s talking about the economy, when a weather professional talks about numbers then he Continue reading

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Three reasons it’s looking good for 2015

Gaula (August):

Miramichi (September):

Nith (October):
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Pippa’s fish..


.. eating a hammerhead shark (obviously).

Hope you are all surviving the winter. The Daily Express says this morning we are set for weeks of Arctic lockdown, with unremitting

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2014 in review


Fish on! Middle Varzuga, June 27th, 2014.

Good afternoon everyone (no it’s not 2015 yet!), hope you are having a great New Year’s Eve and your Christmas was merry.

I don’t need much of an excuse to post but in this case it was to convey that the WordPress.com statisticians emailed me to say that Henry’s Salmon Adventure blog was viewed about 5,300 times in 2014.

Apparently, if it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people. Which didn’t sound that much to me – unless you’re talking about the ‘Noo Yoik’ Tube stuffed to the gunwales like those London Continue reading


Ice, fire and an SB Arctic


I have only been to Iceland once. In September 2006 I went on a Trout and Salmon job [Born to fish, forced to work and fish, right?] and caught this 7-8lb Arctic char. At least I think it was that size, as the fish which I returned was unweighed. I shall never forget an

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