Immortality of sorts

Combine a man that is passionate about something like, for example, flyfishing. Add a bit of nerdiness, a zest for literary immortality (albeit via the most glancing of blows), extreme frustration brought on by a lack of fishing so far this year and then a love of very well written and conceived coffee-table books (a rare combination) and you have the perfect storm, to mish-mash a metaphor. Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.33.59Coming rattling down from Cambridgeshire to Kings Cross on the train this morning I was reading Brad Burns’s beautifully produced, photographed and written book, Closing the Season, which I recently ordered from Paul Morgan’s Coch-y-Bonddu Books. One of the reasons I bought it was that the bulk of the book is a log that Burns wrote about the end of the 2012 salmon season fishing the Southwest Miramichi and the Cains rivers at the same time I was out there with my pal Christopher, who has a fishing camp and owns pools on both rivers. As I got to the entry of September 28th, 2012, I thought that’s the week we were out there, Continue reading

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Five years; it’s been fun

Heli Pool at Varzuga's Sabacchi camp in May 2010. A few days after returning I launched this blog!

Fishing Heli Pool at Varzuga’s Sabacchi camp in May 2010. A few days after returning I launched this blog!

Sorry to bombard you with two posts in one day but hey ho, I just wanted to say WordPress were kind enough to remind me that it’s been five years since I started Henry’s Salmon Adventure Blog. It was on my return from my first Varzuga trip in May 2010. My first post was called

Back at work, and thinking of Norway!

Anyway, they gave me this pukka award and fishermen don’t get many rewards in life of this nature (if we have any fishing successes and try to tell them to non-fishing people the audience fast drifts away and eyes glaze over – I know, I’ve tried it many times). So here goes: Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 09.59.00

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Gaula first!

Mark Henjum plays the third fish of the season on the Norwegian Flyfishers Club’s E Beats on Monday night. Looks professional? It was his first-ever salmon! Good luck to the rods out there, keep going!

Here’s Mark’s fish, so good to see:



Another Bear’s island

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 14.17.53I have been enjoying watching Bear Grylls’s The Island on Channel 4. Where two groups of about 14, one men, one women, go off and try to survive – and ultimately thrive – on two separate tropical or at any rate sub-tropical islands for a period of seven weeks.

I have loved it, actually, especially last night’s 12th and final episode of the men’s adventure which I watched on the old Ch4+1 Continue reading

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Friday photo

imageHappy days on the Spey in June nearly three years ago.. I think it’s the Gas pool (I know it’s Carron & Laggan) and with my first ever Spey fish, a springer of 10lb, it was a gas. Meanwhile a fisherman caught four at Dunkeld club water on the Tay yesterday! And lost three more (I mention this extra info only to give the indication of fish running in numbers).

So there it is, I’ve said my ‘good lucks’ to those in the vanguard of the Roxtons Varzuga operation. Spey (as it happens) man Bill Drury told me today he is heading Continue reading


Under way at Closeburn Castle


Burn Pool in October last year.

I was pleased to hear today from our secretary Geoffrey Walter up at Closeburn on the Nith that the first springer of the 2015 season has been caught and released from our Burn Pool on fly.

The fish, a fresh-run eight-pounder, was caught by Mike Hirst two weeks ago on a ‘not particularly nice day, overcast and showery’.

Sadly I have been only twice in the last decade during my April week and it will

Continue reading

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I’ve started collecting in a small way

8636Books, books, everywhere. I suddenly realise I’ve got loads of them, many of them about salmon, sea-trout and trout fishing. This will come as no big surprise to loyal followers of HSA.

I have signed copies, dust-jacketed copies. I have mentioned some here before, such as The River Within which Bill Currie (WB Currie) signed for me on the kitchen table of his farmhouse, Raperlaw, in the Borders on a fishing trip with him in late August, 1998. Going Fishing by Negley Farson, the book Hugh Falkus – recently downed from his aircraft after a disastrous Dunkirk sortie – asked for (and was given) from a Luftwaffe prison cell. (I once wpid-20130602_141337.jpgworked in the same newspaper office as American journalist Negley’s son, Daniel – whose grand-uncle was Bram Stoker of Dracula fame. Sadly I never asked him to sign his dad’s book.) I have a signed copy of The House the Hardy Brothers Built by James Leighton Hardy (thanks, Charlie), a signed copy of Chris Newton’s biography of Falkus, A life on the Edge, and of course Charles Ritz’s A Fly Fisher’s Life (not signed!). I even have a more recently acquired copy of a paperback on fishing by John Nott, Thatcher’s defence secretary at the times of the Falklands War (after meeting him at Continue reading

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