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The way things were

11822423_993871773991192_8998325508912107193_nI like this picture. I know it’s not fashionable these days to like pictures of dead salmon but this is something I found on a collection on Facebook and I can’t for the life of me Continue reading


Monster from the Varzina

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 17.11.47

I love this picture. This fish is an Atlantic salmon. But there the similarities with any salmon I have caught end. I have no idea how big this fish, caught in the past couple of weeks out on the Kola, is but it is an absolute monster, just look at it. Continue reading

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Looking north to Hedge End


I really like this spot at the top of the Closeburn Castle Fishings. It was 14th July this year and as you can see the water levels (and fishing conditions) were good for midsummer.
This is the fast water between the head of Dick’s Stream over on the far bank just downstream from here, and the fish run up it into the tail of Hedge End, in the middle right of this picture, which is always a good spot to take a resting fish.

Yes the water levels were good on this day, which was the Tuesday. And it brought the fish up, well at least one with sea-lice, which was probably jumping the caul at Dumfries about the time this photo was taken, 48 hours before.



Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 13.08.15“I should like to bury something precious in every place where I’ve been happy and then, when I’m old and ugly and miserable, I could come back and dig it up and remember.”

Evelyn Waugh

Photo, left:
Junction pool, Norwegian Flyfishers’ water of the Gaula, August 2015

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Nith, Bann, Miramichi, it’s all good


View east to Nithsdale from Floors, Penpont last month.

A bit of a mish-mash here chaps: but the best kind of mish-mash – it’s all good news! In case you have been living in a stone cave on the west coast of Ireland for the past few weeks or, all right, simply have absolutely no interest in fly-fishing, this season is in serious danger of bouncing back from the dreadful fish-less nadir of 2014 so strongly that it will break records of salmon numbers going back years, on many rivers at least. Scotland, with the notable exception of certain big rivers like the Dee, is fishing strongly, the Tweed is starting to do well (come on, Tweed never does that badly) and a host of ‘Championship’ rivers like the Nith are clearing their throats and starting to post catches of salmon, grilse and crucially, sea-trout better than in any recent seasons for the time of year. In the case of the Nith I can’t remember this many sea-trout being caught in the time I have fished it, since 2002.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 09.49.41Overseas, Norway is strong, with for example news from the Gaula of a 40lb salmon on fly last week from Matt Hayes’s Winsnes seatna (pictured left – now that is a fish!) and consistent catches of big, perfectly conditioned fish at the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club, and Iceland is blowing in terms of salmon numbers like one of its geysers (better not say volcanos, well not if we want to fly anywhere particular in the coming weeks). And so it goes on. Eastern Canada, the other side of wild Atlantic, has brought a positive post today from Miramichi and Cains tome, Closing the Season, author Brad Burns. His post HERE details as good if not better numbers at the midway point of the

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A particularly good Lunn story

Following an evening at the Flyfishers’ last night where we solemnly passed around William Lunn’s ‘World’s Best Fly Rod’ and saw his carefully-tied wpid-20121015_161319.jpgflies including Lunn’s Particular and the Houghton Ruby, I was reading the Telegraph obituary of his grandson, Mick, who died in February.

I found this gem – which I just had to share with you: Continue reading