What a beauty, Ken

It’s worth a look on www.nfc-online.com this one: the 7 kilo/ 15.5 lb River Gaula beauty pictured held by Ken “sharp and strong hooks” Sawada, before he releases it. Taken on one of Manfred R’s lower beats four days into the new season. Just a superb example of a Norwegian salmon and that’s why the big-fish-hungry Sawada returns to fish year after year I’m sure. BTW I switched to Ken’s doubles half way thro my Varzuga week. I’d had a less good spell of losing a few fish in a row on Loop doubles and changed to Ken’s size 4 doubles (actually the ones for dressed flies with a slight upturn in the eye/I didn’t have the tube ones but I reckon it gives the tubes a good “bottom wiggle” sorry Jess if you get to read this but I do!!) and immediately hooked and landed the next five, before having another losing run of 3 or 4 (ie hooked, played for a while then lost) and moving back to the Loops, albeit in a bigger size. Just all part of the karma/confidence thing I guess but the Sawadas are good – I gave a couple to one of my fellow Varzuga rods and he did okay with them (didn’t you Michael, I’m sure you told me they worked well?).


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One Response to What a beauty, Ken

  1. William Giles says:

    Um, I followed that. Seems a world away from me rooting around for worms whilst you tried to bag a 1lb trout in Wensleydale circa 1978.

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