Exciting days

A regular check on my favourite Norway website http://www.nfc-online.com revealed some more superb salmon, including 2 clonkers (one 28 lb I think) by Yngwe, a chap I enjoyed good fishing conversation and company with into the early hours last summer when he stayed 2 nights in NFC self-catering Tilseth House (see attached pic).

The word from Manfred Raguse’s Gaula fishing is that fish were leaving the Gaulfossen Pool were the fish have been congregating due to the high and cold water for a while, on Sunday. This to pass the rapids and to run up to the middle reaches were most of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club pools are located … “good news and it means that the first fish could arrive in the Storen area already after 24 hours, but most likely after 48hours. So we expect some exciting days.”

That’s about now isn’t it??


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