Last word at Greenbank

I’ve taken a break from watching Uruguay 0, France 0 (70th minute, is it?) on the little kitchen telly here at home to blog. I’m off to Poland for a family wedding until Monday pm so am taking this opportunity. Just to say I was looking at the Varzuga blog and it seemed so strange to see Charlie White’s post announcing the last day of the season at Lower Varzuga today. Am I going soft, or daft, or both but I feel that almost imperceptibly gentle sadness of things passing? But what cheered me up was to see a great shot of, was it Mike T? with a fish from Greenbank. Well done, Mike, good on you. I never had any joy there on what was the first part day of the Lower V season, the first evening really (I never got a fish that first evening, unlike my fellow rods, but I’ve never felt less bothered in my life!), and you got one on the last, or penultimate day. Bonny fish too. Very well done that man.

And just to quickly mention also the goings on at where there have been some very chunky salmon indeed caught. Fish to 28 lb on the Norway Flyfishing Club waters, the lower beats still in the cooler, higher water. But what potential in the days and weeks to come! Just leave some for me in the last full week out there in Storen, eh?

Still 0-0 in South Africa I see..


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