Post-modern life

This was England’s first World Cup game against USA for myself and a group of lads and ladettes to whom I am related as we watched in a bar in Warsaw on Saturday. A flickering Polish telly screen bearing the words: BRAK SYGNALU, or transmission interrupted in Polish.

Why? Outside there was a summer thunderstorm which if you were anywhere near a salmon river would have you reaching for the orange Rapala. [On second thoughts I don’t like orange Rapalas. In high, coloured water I would rather use a purple-gold X-Rap. Or a two-inch orange tube-fly fished on a slow-sink line.]

The post-modern bit, of course (or is it the post-post-modern bit?) was standing up to capture the image on my mobile phone, with a view to blogging it, which I now feel bound to do. So there you go Ross, I did it! You were right and I’ll take you salmon fishing before too long.


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One Response to Post-modern life

  1. Chloe Giles says:

    Why hubby in a thunderstorm would you reach for an orange Rapala? I thought you are supposed to STOP fishing as it’s very dangerous with Carbon Fibre rods to fish in a storm!?! See I do listen to you…

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