Some chunky salmon

Fish on at beat B1, the angler is Yngwe Landro. Nice light: very Norway!
Doesn't it feel good to get those fish in Yngwe? 22 lb.
But hang on, what's this? NFC's best 2010 fish so far: 114cm and about 16 kilos (as they say in Norway) or 35 lb, caught by Manfred Raguse at 2am.

Here are some nice salmon taken recently on the Gaula. Yngwe L., according to, has been catching his stamp of big fish at the rate of one a day, on his big Japanese-designed rod (16 ft plus).

Then Manfred heard on the grapevine (easy because he runs the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club fishings from his Storen HQ) that some big fish had been showing in the afternoon on beat A1. So he went there under cover of darkness and soon after his arrival at 2 o’clock in the morning a big fish took his Templedog tube-fly. Manfred played the fish hard with the aim of releasing it afterwards. The superb cock salmon was landed and measured 114cm length and 65cm girth. Afterwards it was carefully released. Well done Manfred.

All right, come on, let’s have another shot of this fish. Now all I need to do is remember where A1 is – I know I fished it last year (Charlie, any ideas?)

Chunky indeed - looks even bigger here!

2 thoughts on “Some chunky salmon

  1. Impressive pictures and it brings back fantastic memories of the Gaula! Looking back at my ‘diary’ of the trip I see it was the the ‘New Pool’ beat the one below the nice, long ‘Tilseth Pool’. If that doesn’t remind you then I’ll tell you it was above where I went for a dip!

    1. Thanks, Charlie. Ah yes I remember. Above the point where you nearly went for a dip…! Actually maybe you did go swimming, I remember a mobile phone miracle (it still worked).

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