It’s not a numbers game, but…

In a nice touch from Roxtons, the postman yesterday brought a smart envelope with a card inside bearing a Varzuga logo on the front and the catch by our group inside for the week of 15th-22nd May 2010.

The figure stood out almost casually, but boldy, in black print and I had to pinch myself to take it in once again: 217 salmon to six rods and I know that one of them, Brian Fratel, fished only very occasionally during the week, as his great professionalism constantly came into play as host, gillieing for less experienced fishers in the party.

A truly exceptional week on the Kola Peninsula. Sensational.

The funny thing is, I’ve never felt more excited about my Nith trip the week after next. The rain is falling, the river is rising and the week even has a sting in the tail. I’m fishing for 2 days at Birgham, one of the best beats on the Tweed, of which more anon.

More anon, too, of some renewed good catches on the Gaula in Norway, where a Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club ( fisher followed a tip off by guiding maestro Daniel Stephan who had seen a lot of fish in the world-famous Bridge Pool and advised him to shift himself up there. Six big Norwegian salmon later, he didn’t regret it.

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