Here we go (Gaula)

Mortan Carlsen with one of the 8 fish he caught last Wednesday – a bruiser of a cock fish weighing 26 1/2 lb

Proper summer-fishing on the Gaula is now in full swing. Salmon in all the size ranges have arrived (, there is a good head of fish in the river and the fishing in this week starting July 11, has been very good. Mortan Carlsen showed everyone the way the previous Wednesday with a total of 8 salmon including 2 fish of 12kg (26.5 lb), the smallest weighed 14 lb.

So here’s a picture of him: well done Mortan, as someone whose biggest ever salmon weighed 14.5 lb, I can only imagine what that one must feel like on the end of your string.

That was only the start, however, as 10 fish including (are you ready for this), a 32.5-pounder, were caught early this week, with a further 9 afternoon fish and the final figure, heading for a 20 fish day!

Meanwhile, back in the UK it is also a case of here we go. As I count down to driving north to Dumfries and Galloway on Sunday, the rivers are filling fast. Very fast. Charlie C. rang me in the canteen as I took a break from going to press with the mag and told me he was leaving at crack of dawn Weds to meet me in Thornhill for breakfast. So four days fishing will be great with two good friends, first Charlie (Weds and Thur on the Nith), then with Andrew N (Fri and Sat on the Tweed). Oh and two days on my own (Mon and Tues).


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