Did I say grilse?

Caught before breakfast on Saturday at Birgham Dub: Andrew's 10.5 lb salmon, and my penultimate fish of the trip, but what a beauty: a handsome gunmetal sea-trout of 4 lb 3 oz fresh up from Berwick which took a wee John Sinclair double (thanks John)

My last post anticipated sport with salmon, grilse and sea-trout but the score on the Nith and Tweed was one salmon and 7 sea-trout but no grilse. Strange, the seeming absence of these junior silver tourists. But true.

Very enjoyable on the Nith though, and great to see ‘Let’s-off-road’ Charlie over for a night and two days’ fishing. I was able to gillie and we encountered two very fresh-looking (okay, grilse I guess) at the top of the Closeburn water but sadly although they walloped a Rapala we were fishing in high, yo-yoing water, they looked runners just having a snap and were in no mood to get hooked up. That’s fishing, but I managed a nice sea-trout perhaps an ounce under 2 lb on a Silver Stoat Waddington with water over the spinning mark, but clearing. Having found the perfect fly I cracked it off the next cast (that’s careless casting.)

Charlie on Porter's pool. The shades, the celebrity grin, and is that a proper shirt and tie he's wearing under that jacket?

So to the Tweed at Birgham Dub on Friday and Saturday. Andrew N. had fished away for no return on the Thurs in the immediate downturn of a good bump of water but this left us with two days of good fishing, with falling water, too high for salmon on the Friday (tho I think I had one on for a minute or so by the way it was fighting in the stream) but Tweed’s stunning sea-trout made up for it. I managed four that day with a perfect 5 lb 6 oz beast with long-tailed sea-lice on its back being, I guess the pinnacle of my week. Good pictures of this but I can’t get them on just now (but it’s the bigger fish in the shot at the top of this post). I also had sea-trout of 4 lb 4 oz and 4 lb and a tiddler of 1 lb 10 (smaller fish in the pic above).

Andrew meanwhile pipped me at every point and very well done to him, he’s an experienced Tweed rod, knows Birgham like that back of his hand and is a very good fisherman to boot. Andrew caught a sensational silver 10.5 lb sea-trout on the Friday, and on the Sat, while I managed a salmon (fairly coloured/I returned it) of 6 or 7 lb and sea-trout of 4 lb 3 oz and 3 lb 10 oz before breakfast, I caught nothing else all day and Andrew whipped me off the park with five salmon including a 10.5 lb. Also a sea-trout of 8 lb. Yes we had hit the water right and the fish were there in almost Russia-like numbers (it almost seemed to me) but I fear my fishing brain deserted me on the last day, I should have lightened up to a 14fter and lighter Rio AFS floating shooting head with lighter leader and smaller fly maybe. Maybe.

Andrew's stunning 10.5 lb sea-trout, Birgham Dub behind.

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2 Responses to Did I say grilse?

  1. Andrew says:

    It was a great trip but you should listen when I say swop to floating line with a sink tip and go down a bit with fly size. Remember all bar one of my fish were on #14/#16’s and the other was on a “big” hook, i.e. #10.
    I enjoyed cooking and sharing the sea trout for supper even if it felt like we got up and were fishing again just a couple of hours later!

    • henrygiles says:

      Thanks Andrew, it’s a privilege to fish with someone as keen as you. I thought I was bad but I felt like I was dragging my heels Sat morning but was glad you dragged me down to the river when I got among them at least in that early session

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