Gaula update

Last week (when I was on my recent sea-trouty travels) also saw good sport the other side of the North Sea. It ended with over 60 fish for rods out on the superb fly-fishing pools that comprise the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club beats of the Gaula.

One name that leapt off the latest report up on Manfred Raguse’s tantalising website was that of Eivind Myhre. He caught a couple of very decent salmon off Bogen Sondre and Beat B2 then he fished together with Manfred on the famous Beat D1 (Bridge pool). In the early morning Eivind was successful again and caught a fish of approx 4,5 kg (10lb). Shortly after he released his fish it was Manfred who was into a Bridge pool salmon. He landed another fresh 10-pounder which was also released carefully. Both fish were 78cm long.

Eivind Myhre's 10-pounder, which he returned

Manfred's 10 lb fish, also returned to the Bridge pool

What about those talented rods, the NFC guides? Thies Reimers caught two grilse and Per Heikkilä (whom Charlie and I met on the Home pool last year) from Sweden caught five fish the next day, the biggest 11-pounder on the wild and dramatic Upper Gaula Beat.

But this is my favourite account, because the Bua Bridge pool remains, along with the Bridge pool, the one I’d most love to catch a Gaula salmon from. Chris Henshaw fished the D2 beat’s Bua Bridge jewel. Chris had a incredible fight on this small pool (you reach it after a long windy drive by road/the salmon reach it via a long, windy swim through white water, until they reach this beautiful pool), with the fish almost leaving the pool three times, but finally he was able to land a fine fish of 8.2kg (18lb). Very nice. Very very nice.

Chris Henshaw's Bua Bridge 18-pounder


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