It’s raining in Trondheim

If you read those words and it makes you feel very excited, then you are probably just off to fish the Gaula. All right, that’s where I’m off to on Sunday and after an Atlantic weather map that for weeks saw no promise of rain over Scandinavia, well things have changed with a dirty old low or three moving in (and across the UK)

Of course that brings promise of good fishing, so long as it materialises and doesn’t rain too much. Etc. No promises, this is salmon fishing.

Still it’s got me going. This time I’m going for a week so back a week Sunday, missing the very last 2 or 3 days sadly, which as Manfred Raguse says on website are so special. Ah well I can’t complain. Manfred reports in his latest:

“We look forward to the continuing promised change of weather in the next days which will bring the Gaula up to a attractive water level again and hope to get the classical situation of very good fishing after a longer dry period.

“If you want to join us during the last days of the season you should contact us soonest by phone 0047-91393498 or email . We are close to be fully booked during week 34, but there could be a chance for a vacant rod. But what about joining us for the very last days? We have a few more rods vacant in week 35 which is short, but long enough for a little break, from Sunday, the 29th August, to midnight on Tuesday the 31st. August. Departure on September 1st. During the last days of the season there is a very special atmosphere on the river and fishing is often very good. The price is very low: Per rod only Euro 455 in a double room in a country house (single room surcharge Euro 13 per day), or Euro 610 in the hotel with breakfast (double room, single room surcharge Euro 42 per day).”

So there it is from Manfred.. On another note, well done to Let’s Off Road Charlie for his two Tweed fish the other day. Well deserved and well done. Next year the Gaula!


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