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It’s not a numbers game

[Oh really/he lied/etc] But isn’t it great to see big numbers of salmon about? The River Tweed, eh? You can’t knock it, well you can but not over the past couple of weeks when fish have been caught in Varzuga’n … Continue reading

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Nameless, by Norling and Neil

Okay loyal salmon adventurers, here is a new fly sent to me in duplicate/tube and dressed versions, very very kindly by salmon guru Neil Stephenson the other day. The fly has salmon catching magic, especially when the salmon are rather … Continue reading

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More Norway pics

The scene of the action above, taken on zoom on phone camera from a pecarious point halfway up ‘Railway cliff’, hundreds of yards below. Excuses, excuses.

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Many happy returns what one wishes for. It really was great to return to the Gaula this year. This shot (by Charles Cooke) was returning my 2009 fish, in Renna pool. I could manage only long-range catch and release in this particular … Continue reading

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For the sake of tradition

For a report of the last week of the NFC Gaula season please see

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