For the sake of tradition

Couldn't resist this shot, with the iconic NFC sign outside Tilseth House where I was staying last week. My 3rd fish of the week, a nice grilse taken on the last day of my Gaula trip, on a Black and Orange Templedog on the Long pool. Had to take the fish, it was bleeding, and so it ended my week's fishing (the rules dictate). So plenty of time to take the shot where so many other happy Gaula fishermen have done likewise.

For a report of the last week of the NFC Gaula season please see
Meanwhile I’m uploading some pictures and captions in an attempt to piece together the story of the week:

After day 1, fish 1, a grilse returned in the Railway pool that took my silver conehead like an exocet and fought hard despite its 3.5 lb weight, came, Day 2, fish 2 (above), this lovely solid fresh cock fish of 6 lb which took a Red Francis on the dropper on the Tuesday in the Long Pool. Manfred noted the pattern emerging but then it was to break down by day 3!

A rest in the driver’s seat before going down to fish the Junction. But what about that view?
And what about this? I took this shot on Thursday evening, looking down from the tail of Long pool to Railway pool. I understand it's destined for the NFC website as a goodbye to 2010 (All things must pass)
The flies “wot did it”. I think the top left tube was the Jesse that Jesse gave me in Russia. Is it Jesse?
Oh yes, I love this. Looking upstream from the head of Langoy – I just about kept my feet..
The famous Bridge pool. The sign made by Tilseth housemates Manfred and Oliver, I learnt.
Off-Road Charlie, this one's for you. I had forgotten that's how it started.. (That lovely view from the Tilseth living room beyond, nice fishing light actually, where did I put my rod, garage or car roof?
The six-pounder again, at the spot I hooked it
Looking downstream from the Junction
...and upstream
Looking up the Long pool
Oh go on!!!!
View upstream from top of Railway. You can tell this is an ‘art’ shot by the foliage in the top left of shot!
Nice evening light
Looking downstream from Upper Langoy as mellow early morning mist starts to lift
And again, that early morning grilse that ended my fishing for the week on the final day when he engulfed Hakan Norling's Black and Orange Templedog (on the rock beside).

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