More Norway pics


The fish that made my day (and finished my day's fishing!) on the Tuesday. Strange really, to say but I don't think I have ever enjoyed catching a fish more – the ten minutes I spent carefully putting up the long (12 ft) 15lb Maxima leader, tying a dropper in then obsessively tying and I think re-tying the turle knot to the silver-hooked size 12 treble Red Francis; the hunt, the stealthy approach in low water. The pluck, second time down the pool which I was sure was a fish, confirmed the next cast in the exact same spot when the line... well I don't think it's easy to describe a salmon take - just pure raw excitement. Then the fight - superb on light-ish tackle (9wt 14 footer and 8/9 line). The fish jumped 6 times, once going on a sluicing tail-walk across the width of the pool, the Angel reel whirring away. The ‘false start’ attempt to beach it with the fish turning in the shallow water then circling, showing a tired flash of silver.. then it was on the stones.

The scene of the action above, taken on zoom on phone camera from a pecarious point halfway up ‘Railway cliff’, hundreds of yards below. Excuses, excuses.
But enough about my fish! NFC guide Christian Lindström hooked a fish on lower NFC beat, E3, while Daniel Stephan and I were fishing E2 above. So we jogged down to help out and take some photos. Here Chrisian plays his fish..
..and beaches it, as Daniel appears in right of frame
Then they carefully unhook the fly (a one-inch amber haired tube with j.c. cheeks). Okay not the freshest but good fiske Christian, who a short while before had also caught and returned a 27-pounder from the same spot (on the same fly I'd guess and both on a Wet II sinking line). Daniel and I? Despite seeing big, fresh fish crashing around E2 through the afternoon session (Daniel: “**** me! Did you see that one (I didn't), I'm changing up to a .4 leader!”) could in the end manage only a take each. Good takes which we both missed within five minutes. Now why did I put that on the record? We walked from the pools back to the cars in philosophical mode. “We had our chance,” said Daniel. He was not wrong.