Nameless, by Norling and Neil

Okay loyal salmon adventurers, here is a new fly sent to me in duplicate/tube and dressed versions, very very kindly by salmon guru Neil Stephenson the other day. The fly has salmon catching magic, especially when the salmon are rather hard to catch (isn’t that just what you want?).

All right, it’s not new new. A pic of the fly appeared in Trout and Salmon magazine two years ago in Neil’s informative and entertaining column Salmon Fisher’s Diary. In fact the very fly pictured in the magazine, is the one pictured in one of my posts below, on which I caught a grilse on the last day of my recent Gaula trip. (I blagged it off Neil at the time – I did ask! – he’s a good egg as well as an expert fly-tier.)

But the fly is as new as dammit and here’s why: it hasn’t yet got a name, not a proper one. Okay Black and Orange Templedog but that’s not a proper name, says Neil.

But the fact that I have caught a Norwegian salmon on the B and O T does not yet qualify me for my next task. There was a string attached to Neil’s kind recent offering and I’m excited and honoured to be asked. He wrote in an email:

No problem, Henry – I hope they catch you a few fish. This fly has no official name so feel free to name it after it’s caught some more fish!

Get that? After it’s caught some more fish. I really like that, we’re not messing around with the odd fish here, this is serious. So there it is – I’ll have to try it on the Nith where I’ll be fishing 3 weeks today.

If anyone would like to help out with the name, meanwhile, then please send comments in to this blog. The early front-runner (for name of the fly) is Dark Horse. There’s also Fjord Fiesta suggested by my colleague Cliff here in the office which is obviously a non-starter!

Here it is again, minus my grubby keyboard! Lovely blue in the body.

Incidentally the story Neil told me in an email after I said I’d got a fish on it is as follows:

“I’m glad you had a fish on my fly! The fly was tied following a
conversation with Hakan [Norling] after the North Esk fish drove me near to madness! The fly is for those days when the fish refuse to play ball – it’s saved me a few blank days. They were tied by me following Hakan’s instructions to the letter!



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