It’s not a numbers game

[Oh really/he lied/etc] But isn’t it great to see big numbers of salmon about? The River Tweed, eh? You can’t knock it, well you can but not over the past couple of weeks when fish have been caught in Varzuga’n numbers. Actually this last is a somewhat woolly observation, I’m really not sure how it all compares and I’m non-numbers enough to baulk at that degree of number-crunching.

Also not a numbers game (hmmm) is my own ‘personal’ 2010 salmon fishing odyssey whereby I have now caught 45 salmon this year, which includes my 41 Varzuga fish (the article, Russian Revelation, is out in Trout and Salmon this week, ‘BTW’).

What does that mean? It means I’m going to try and get my 50 on the Nith in 10 days! Try being the operative word. But it’s not a numbers game. Obviously.

In the absence of picture ideas for this post, I’ve come up with this one of my 5lb 6 sea-trout from the Tweed at Birgham Dub in July. Andrew Nathan and I between us caught a dozen chunky sea-trout in an amazing 2 days. And to reprise the numbers thing – if you look at the Tweed fishpal catches (3 days) to yesterday, they’ve had 1200 salmon or so THIS WEEK, but only 28 sea-trout (albeit with a 14 pounder at Dryburgh North). Whereas we had double the number of sea-trout to salmon in good water, which shows the we really did hit the s-t run of the season there, which was very special.

Very nice. Long-tailed-sea-liced. I was talking to Andrew who had just appeared on the bank as the fish took, and what a take. The fish pulled 3 yds of the end of my RIO AFS hover shooting head line off the reel and was on, superb. Straight up from the sea - the lice had long tails. Are there any better looking sea-trout than Tweed ones? That gunmetal colour ...

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