Get ready for Gaula 2011

“It’s quiet now on the banks of the Gaula…” So starts a brand-new post-season post on the excellent Norwegian Flyfishers Club website,

Those who I’ve asked to think about fishing the Gaula, keep thinking, 2011 could be your year to catch a big Norwegian salmon with your name on!

Or click here for the full 2010 season review, including superb photography of big, silver fish, videos and a commentary of one of the more up and down Gaula seasons but nevertheless memorable for the lucky rods who took part. Oh and don’t miss, about half way through, the iconic last picture of the famous old Bridge Pool shelter before it was washed away by a summer flood (there’s a new one there now!). There’s even a pic of the old Land Rover, now gone to its happy off-road hunting grounds. Enjoy, then think about what you’re doing – and what you’d really like to do – next June, July or August…

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4 Responses to Get ready for Gaula 2011

  1. Ken Reid says:

    As always Henry it’s a pleasure reading your blog -the fishing in Gaula sounds very exciting. But before you go back there next summer you must come and fish with me in the Spring on the River Dee. Many of my Norwegian friends love fishing their home rivers from June to September but also love visiting Deeside to pit their wits against the elusive Springers in March. I will secure some thing for us in the spring if you will come up.

    • henrygiles says:

      Ken that is very kind I will just have to risk ‘sleeping on the couch/sofa’ and risk telling the wife about that extra 2011 trip. I’ve heard good things about the flights to Deeside (v inexpensive to Aberdeen from Luton, for eg, under 30 quid??) and I’ve wanted to fish your superb river ever since 1) I visited my uncle who lived there for 5 yrs when I was 17 and saw salmon lying like submarines in a low water pool near Aboyne all those years ago and 2) learnt to fish half-decently with shooting head lines which would suit the spring fishing. I’ll have to start tying some Monkeys, Posh Tosh’s etc..

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