The Nith in default mode

My father said on our fishing holiday last week after another blank day: “The Nith’s in default mode.” We know what that meant, no fish (caught that is, we saw plenty). I was sad Dad didn’t manage to catch his first salmon on fly, but he had a very good go and was fishing well and will get one next time, I feel.

The only fish we caught, despite being able to fish my pal Neil’s rod for most of the days (thanks Neil), was my first-ever salmon from the tail of Craig’s main pool, caught at 5pm on Day 2 on the Templedog. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the fish.

Just superb. The view north up Nithsdale from the track to Beat 1, the classic beech hanger on the right.

There's a river on the other side of that electric fence!

Dad makes an adjustment on Woodend.

And concentrates on fishing the left-bank stream.

On Thornybank..

And the same view, with added atmosphere (through the weathered window of our sublimely positioned fishing hut).

Returning the Craigs fish, taken on Neil and Hakan's Templedog as the light went. Not the freshest, but not the smallest (75cm/10 lb).


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3 Responses to The Nith in default mode

  1. Neil Bryson says:

    Thanks for the mention Henry — ’twas a pleasure to be of assistance.
    Off to upper Tweed next week with my pal Tom; need rain as all the action is still from Floors down. Rods away after that and concerted effort to reduce the pheasant population from here through to Feb..
    Thanks for looking after Mike for me on the Fri.. I haven’t caught up with him since but he did send me a text saying he’d enjoyed the day.

    • henry giles says:

      Thanks again Neil. Glad Mike enjoyed it too. Tight lines on the upper Tweed. I see there was a 28 lber reported on the Ettrick yesterday but let’s hope one of those carried on up the main river and has your name on. BTW does anyone reading know if the above biggun was a coloured springer – a big fish for that..

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