Respect, Ladies

It’s been fun to catch up with Anne Woodcock of Ladies Fishing and Fishpal in the last couple of days.

Anne is doing good things in the fishing world and going places and what I really like about Ladies Fishing is that they are out there in the pioneering realm getting women into fishing in a really positive and fun way.

As the father of three-year-old Pippa who is already showing all the right signs, this  is something close to my heart.

The ladies of LF are also catching some salmon (witness their website) and as a salmon nut – this always impresses me!

Looking forward to news of the LF day at the Tyne’s Eltringham beat yesterday.


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3 Responses to Respect, Ladies

  1. Hi Henry,

    Thank you for your kind words and mentioning the ladies at Ladies Fishing.

    Due to the overnight rain, leading to unsettled river conditions, it was unlikely the fish would be in a taking mood. I think the customers on the Eltringham beat today or tmoro will have the possibility of some good sport

    Excellent day with ladies improving their casting skills. Glass of fizz to celebrate the end of our 1st salmon fishing year, and what a way to conclude with our first free junior place including tuition on the double handed rod.

    Look forward to your blog posts


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