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He’s got it

Either you’ve got it, or you haven’t. Either you’re a fully paid up member of the Adventure, or you’ve wandered into the wrong sport via some improbable and prolonged chain of random events. Let me give you an example of … Continue reading

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Shoot! Shoot!

Any football fans out there – let’s see I think we have a Carlisle fan, a West Ham-mer, and I’m sure some of those North-east-based Ladies Fishing support Newcastle United (I’m Sheffield Wednesday ‘me’, Nick Clegg’s favourite team, especially since … Continue reading

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Extreme fishing

What is it with Extreme fishing? Everywhere you look now there is extreme fishing going on. You turn on the telly and it’s Robson Green on his 3rd circumnavigation of the globe, catching fish and swearing. It’s good television, by … Continue reading


Play With Fire

I was watching one of those BBC culture slots on Keith Richards recently. Keith was looking good and speaking sense, talking about the early years of the Rolling Stones in

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A Withnail moment

Charlie sent me this pic recently which I’d totally forgotten him taking. We were fishing at the Norwegian Flyfishers Club’s to die for salmon fly water on the Gaula last year and we had forgotten to bring any bread, cheese, … Continue reading

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Going Fishing

It’s nice to write those two words, especially in a British November with a weekend collapse in temperatures predicted and my slim chances of a final 2010 day’s fishing confined to intensive care. Negley Farson wrote in his famous book … Continue reading

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