A Withnail moment

Charlie sent me this pic recently which I’d totally forgotten him taking. We were fishing at the Norwegian Flyfishers Club’s to die for salmon fly water on the Gaula last year and we had forgotten to bring any bread, cheese, snickers, Penguins, Kit Kats etc. In fact sweet FA whatsoever to eat.

Or so we thought..

We were stuck miles from anywhere – in fact up at the ‘upriver’ Bogen Sondre beat and the nearby shop must have been shut or, more likely, we were so keen to get fishing we’d driven by.

Now I’m one of those types who can get low blood sugar really easily and all but passing out while wading in the swift waters of the Gaula is in no way advisable – but a trawl around the back seat of the Budget hire car barouche revealed some Norwegian sugar lumps. Yum yum!

Here's Charlie on the Nith again, just to get my own back!

Hence this Withail and I moment (if anyone reading this – perhaps an overseas reader he says optimistically – doesn’t know of the film Withnail and I then post a comment and I’ll try and explain. But briefly there’s a scene where “Eat some sugar” is the hangover cure suggested by a man who confesses the only solid food to pass his lips in the past 3 days is a raw potato.)

I hope this is all clear.

BTW I’m trying to get some shots of particularly impressive 2010 salmon (not mine) together at the moment but it’s proving quite tricky. Anyway that’s for a future post.


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