Extreme fishing

What is it with Extreme fishing? Everywhere you look now there is extreme fishing going on. You turn on the telly and it’s Robson Green on his 3rd circumnavigation of the globe, catching fish and swearing. It’s good television, by and large, and it’s extreme in terms of use of the F-word (well depends what you’re talking about, newspaper office or vicar’s tea-party). It’s extremely expensive fishing, mind if you were to cough up for the international flights and transfers and the GBP required to swing you a trip with the Frontiersville fishing holiday people that organise the whole gig.

But to repeat my introductory rhetorical: What is it with extreme fishing? Or rather, as R.G. might say: What the **** is extreme fishing? Please comment with any answers to this, and let me know if you reckon you’ve ever done it. For what it’s worth, I can think of one example of extreme fishing I once enjoyed. I was about 17 and sailing a Topper sailing dinghy (remember them – plastic, unsinkable) in the Solent one summer, trailing some mackerel feathers around an old feature of wooden stakes (built in the months leading up to the Normandy Landings in 1944 for the days preceding when the Landings fleet started to gather in the Solent).

Well, I got in among the fish and started to catch many. I shook them off the hooks into the boat which was at this stage full of six inches of water in the well and they were swimming about in it as I tried to navigate the boat so it wouldn’t hit the stakes. Then I capsized and saw all these dazed fish swimming around and was bobbing around in the water trying to scoop them up while righting the boat. Pretty irresponsible (like I said I was a kid). But pretty extreme.

Oops, can't locate the shot of the incident described here, I'll get it later. But here's a fish Jess and I did land, before its release.

And I nearly caught an extreme salmon on the Varzuga at 60 yards on a shooting head in the famous Thirty Nine Steps rapids there. I was fishing with Jess James who kindly held the loops of running line (we waded to our safe limit) then he released the loops as I did the longest cast I’ve ever done in my life. Do you know what, we actually hooked a salmon from a lie out in the rapids the size of a kitchen table but we had a tangle in the running line and I tried to keep touch with the fish while Jess unfankled but when we were clear… the fish dropped off! Fun tho, and pretty extreme.


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2 Responses to Extreme fishing

  1. Hi Henry,

    Two extreme fishing examples…

    1: A friend of mine fishing a river in Norway, the guide in this particular stretch had to hang on to him so he did not go with the current.
    2: Summer of this year fishing with a pal, we had a spot of rock climbing to fish a very tasty pool…if you enjoy scrambling with a fishing rod…I fancy sky diving with my fishing gear and fishing a pool on the top of a mountain. Now is this extreme !


    • henrygiles says:

      Thanks Anne, Yes I’ve been hung on to a few times, and on the above trip. I also hung on to pal Charlie C. in Norway at one point. We both made it to the other side and just as important for a blogger, my mobile was still working.
      Keep them coming, ladies and gents.

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