Shoot! Shoot!

Any football fans out there – let’s see I think we have a Carlisle fan, a West Ham-mer, and I’m sure some of those North-east-based Ladies Fishing support Newcastle United (I’m Sheffield Wednesday ‘me’, Nick Clegg’s favourite team, especially since yesterday) – will know the scenario.. Your striker approaches an area still well outside the penalty box but the keeper’s off the line. Shoot! Shoot! shout the crowd and about one time in five the ball actually flies into the top corner of the goal.

Well, here as promised in the previous post, is the moment Jess James and I waded out into Thirty Nine Steps on the Varzuga, with armoury consisting of a 15ft Orvis Shooting Star rod (very nice rod for shooting-heads, so is the fourteen-footer), a Rio AFS Sink 2/3 ten-weight shooting-head, and a 1.5-inch Posh Tosh copper tube on the end.

Here's one we did get.

The forty feet of head are double-hauled well out behind, shooting out over the hill to the Kitza valley that lies beyond, and the light blue ridged Airflo running line is held in large coils by Varzuga camp manager Jess. A moment in time, the ‘what happened next’ is described in the last post.

Great fishing partner, good tackle, good river, good memories. Let’s have some more extreme fishing stories please. I won’t let this one go so keep them coming.

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