Gaula hot seat

We’ve all been there as salmon fishers, haven’t we? “Fishing? You mean sitting around for hours at a time catching nothing? Pur-leeze! I don’t think I’ve got the patience.” As someone who once put myself on double crutches for 6 weeks after fishing – and walking – too hard one July week on the Nith (osteoporosis), it always makes me smile.

Any road this glorious shot was taken a couple of years back by the talented photographer and fisherman Sean Harvey. Sean kindly said I could blog a few of his photos (Sean fishes Russia, Norway, Spey, Delphi/Ireland etc etc I could go on..) and I’ll do the same over the next couple of weeks as they are a great antidote to winter blues.

Sean with a Gaula bar of silver

The chair shot above, Sean told me, is of his fishing companion on that Gaula trip, Geoff Fisher from Aberdeen. Sean’s party were fishing the Norwegian Flyfishers Club’s water in June: “We were fishing the river at Rena [pool] and the river was in huge flood from mountain snowmelt. This chair had floated downriver and we just had some fun with it.”

Anyway the shot captures some of the essence of NFC – the fun as well as the fishing – and BTW there’s a new post just up on their website, that talks about this and the opportunity to book fishing in 2011. It’s well worth a look as there are some stunning photos of the snow-bound river taken just a few days ago. Beautiful…

No blues, no winter. The Gaula valley in June


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