Here’s another of Sean’s

This photo by ace photographer Sean Harvey is of the Spey I think. I should love to fish the Spey, maybe it will happen one day. It looks perfect, doesn’t it?

I will have to ask Sean whether he caught a fish from the impossibly good looking bit of fly water shown. I know from experience that it’s when I start taking photos of this type that I am brimming full of confidence and I go on to get a salmon.

Well, did you Sean?

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2 Responses to Here’s another of Sean’s

  1. Sean Harvey says:

    Well Henry this was in fact the Caberston Beat on the River Tweed taken in October and yes really fabulous fly water in excellent condition. I was indeed fortunate enough to land a 9lb bar of silver about 15 minutes after I started fishing that morning. I was a guest of Mick Bell of Bloke Rods who takes the beat every autumn. If you fancy joining him I suggest dropping a line to Mick also has other fishing available on the Dee in the spring.

  2. henrygiles says:

    Thanks Sean, that’s brilliant of you to post some info. Of course it’s the upper Tweed (looking at it now), tho I couldn’t have pinpointed Caberston although I fished there for one November day about ten years ago. Mind you that was Upper Caberston (Michael Evans’s beat, well it was until he sold it on recently). Really glad you caught a silver fish 15 mins after you took that cool shot. Thinking about it further, the stream is below a croy isn’t it? So perhaps not such as line-tighteningly brilliant as had it been the head of the stream (discuss!). Upper C had its best ever year this year, which in view of the Russian numbers of salmon on the Tweed in the backend is understandable.

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