Thanks Hardy

This is just to thank Hardy for fixing my Angel reel. The reel, pictured here when it was a bit newer 2 years ago, has caught me a few fish, in fact despite its young age has, er, seen a bit of action. The reel developed a bit of play around the reel seat (this after catching 15 salmon and 6 chunky sea trout last year). The thread of the all imortant reel seat screws had perhaps been damaged in all the excitement.

Now, however, after a bubble-wrapped journey up to Alnwick and back, it’s rock solid and I’m looking forward to using it again.

Wobbling by the time I caught my last grilse in Norway in August but it worked okay!


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3 Responses to Thanks Hardy

  1. Hi Henry,

    One of our girls from the Ladies Fishing group sent a salmon reel to them. Excellent job, 1st class repair from their repair department.


  2. Cat McGinty says:

    Good to see the efforts of the reel shop team are appreciated – i’ll be sure to pass that on!

    Marketing Executive, Hardy & Greys

    • henrygiles says:

      Cat, Thanks for your message and I hope you in the marketing dept and elsewhere at Hardy get a few moments more to read and I hope enjoy the blog. And there is of course no appreciation like that of a fisherman for his well serviced Angel reel when it starts to empty fast and smoothly, with a powerful salmon on the end 50yds away in a big river, Thanks Henry.

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