New signings

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a painful footballing metaphor. I mean I haven’t even mentioned the January transfer window, well I have now. Etc. Anyway I have just recruited these beauties from ace commercial fly-tyers Fulling Mill, basically because I haven’t yet been bothered to tie my own. These are the modern equivalent of my old fall back duo for salmon and grilse of something black and silvery (Stoat’s Tail) plus, and sometimes on the same cast, something orange , goldy-flashy and shrimpy (Cascade or Allys etc). You could get through a Nith or Scottish season fishing these in different sizes, maybe one as a tube.

In a way the flies pictured here offer similar fish catching power. You won’t go far wrong with a Posh Tosh tube for coldwater fishing or high coloured water and a wee Red Frances for low water conditions, especially at the rear end of the season. F.M. also do a Red Frances tube that looks nice.

The Posh Tosh (it’s just such a great name, isn’t it?) is of course just a variation of the black and yellow (if in doubt, said the Birgham Dub boatman to me last July, use a black and yellow). But it’s much much more cool and jazzy. Note the fluo-tubing that works so well in other patterns too in the ‘theme’ colour of the fly – ie orange fluo tubing at the arse-end of an Allys tube, etc. And the tinted J.C.

Unlike footballers, they are not high-maintenance. You use them, you catch a fish on them (if you don’t it’s not the fly at fault, it’s the way you’re fishing it or the conditions) and they eventually fall apart. Or you lose them in a tree or – nightmare scenario – in a fish. And you don’t need to pay them a salary or bonus for a fish. Just a one-off signing on fee of £2.90.

So there it is. BTW I have no interest in pulling the wool over the eyes of blog readers so in case you haven’t already realised, this photo wasn’t taken on the slate-fringed shores of some northern stream, but on a Homebase kitchen floor tile before I headed off to work this morning. How honest is that? (Ok, you knew that anyway, God you’re all so knowing aren’t you? Cheers all.)


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2 Responses to New signings

  1. Hi Henry,

    Now there was I thinking you’d become the latest recruit to Aston Villa’s football team. The fans up north are not happy with the transfer of Darren Bent.

    Fulling Mill flies are excellent and with commercially tied flies of this standard, you don’t need to tie any more. Don’t tell Paul Little I said that !


  2. henrygiles says:

    Hi Anne, yes I heard something about Bent-gate. Afraid I’m not well up on the Premiership being mired in the League One promotion push with Sheffield Wednesday but I know it has upset Sunderland. Good job my grandmother was a Geordie.
    No, you’re right, Fulling Mill flies work okay yes indeedy.
    Best – Henry

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