First off the Thurso

The Tweed at Ladykirk, where rods will be searching for a springer today

The first springer came off the Thurso yesterday (31st). Caught by Jim Cameron from the Broad pool on Beat 9, it weighed 11 lb. The Thurso, of course, had a record season last year and you can follow events (and some candid reflections on blogging) via

Today also sees the Aberdeenshire Dee and Tweed open so bring on the big guns and I hope to have a report from Upper Floors, where a pal is fishing this month (if not this week).

The Adventure? Hmm, still thinking, although it’ll continue in Dumfries and Galloway and the Norwegian Flyfishers Club’s Norway fishing on the Gaula this year. But like I said, still thinking (plotting!)…


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3 Responses to First off the Thurso

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  2. Ken Reid says:

    Hi Henry

    Quick update for the River Dee this morning. Park has 6 fish to 25lbs, Woodend 2 to 18lbs, Ballogie and Commonty 4 between them, Little Blackhall 2. I expect there to be healthy numbers for opening day where Fiona Armstrong officially opened the River at our ceremony at Ballogie. Fiona hooked and landed a kelt after a couple of casts to agreat cheer from the large crowd.

  3. henrygiles says:

    Thanks, Ken. Sounds good, especially the 25!

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