That made my day

A photograph of the 35lb springer taken yesterday on the lower Tay. Sandy L. showed it to me about 8.30am as I came into the office and waited for my machine to boot itself up at that leisurely computer pace. “Come and have a look at this, how big do you reckon?”

I thought about it, factored everything in and thought 35, must be, but I said, “32lb, going on [go on, go on, say it!] … 35.”

Well you’ve got to get it right sometimes.

The fish was simply superb – taken on the harl at Benchil and Pitlochrie it had huge depth, a fresh springer. I thought at the time: that’s made my day. Or will make my day. Don’t get me wrong, other good things have happened today, progress has been made on the 2011 salmon adventure for one and other things besides.

But sure enough, as late March morning turned into late March afternoon and I began to think blimey, I’m going to have to start putting some of my own fishing posts and photographs up here instead of generously reported catches by other lucky anglers, I was still thinking of it. It did make my day that fish, just brilliant to think of them swimming British rivers.

I wish I had the picture to put up here but I’m sure readers here will see it very soon in either internet or print media format.

And my own forthcoming reports, will they be scenic or bank-side or camp life shots or fish-playing shots or fish shots? All of these, I hope because it is all of that altho you don’t always get the last one but that’s fishing.


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