Biggest Scottish springer on fly this year

And now this one, and this time I can post a picture! Another day another huge spring salmon from a Scottish river, this time from the Aberdeenshire Dee and this time on the fly. The 30-pounder, a potential Malloch Trophy candidate, was caught yesterday by Marko Hannonen from Finland as part of a 3 fish catch to his own rod on a small plastic Sunray Shadow.

DDSFB & Dee Trust fisheries development officer Ken Reid (otherwise known as Ken, thanks Ken!) told me the fish was caught from the Irrigation pool at Birse. Marko’s pal also took a fish at Birse yesterday. Ken said: “Having written recently about big Dee fish being seen recently it’s great to hear of one being landed.”

Ken added: “The length was 1 metre 10 cms which would be 30lbs according to our data and length to weight conversion charts.”

One metre ten. Love it, that’s the cry at the Gaula when a big one’s landed, “One metre salmon, one metre salmon!” Happy days.


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2 Responses to Biggest Scottish springer on fly this year

  1. Nick says:

    A lovely fish – if only I could just walk out of the office and head North, right now! Great to know they are there, though.

  2. henrygiles says:

    Cheers Nick. Well that’s the essence of going fishing. Just go. – Henry

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