Sometimes I shock myself

So how much might one be prepared to splurge on salmon-fishing tackle, if one had the cash to hand?

A number is dancing in front of me. Three grand. That’s how much I could happily spend just like that on the following (I haven’t even totted it up but that’s about what the damage would be):

The new ‘shooting head’ incarnation of a certain former world champion speycaster’s DTX rod (no, Eoin, that’s not DTLX, designed through limited experience altho that joke stuck in my head, it was a good one..) But yes I’d like to try Scott’s new rod, the 15-footer. I bet it’s bloody good.

What else? A Tibor reel. Now I don’t know much about Tibor reels, except they are hard core and stand up to the riotously powerful north Kola salmon (for instance) and that is good. And I want (to try) one. Well want one really.

What else (this is fun, I’m just warming up). I’d like a 14ft Orvis Shooting Star. About 2 or 3 new RIO AFS shooting heads, in two different sizes. And as for my old friends Hardy, I’d like a couple of rods and one very special reel from this stable. Oh and a Loop Classic reel, because I think they look nice.

Now I hope this doesn’t sound too materialistic. Because it’s not about money. But it is about wonderfully good tackle to fish for the King with.

Just thought of something else. A Lamson reel, one of those ones with the ‘patented conical drag’. Ok and I’d better end with Hardy. A SINTRIX double-hander, when they come out. Tho even just writing this sounds greedy.

And I’m a bit shocked to find I’m not that bothered.


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4 Responses to Sometimes I shock myself

  1. Nick says:

    I quite agree – it would be foolhardy to venture out without proper equipment, so your wisdom in contemplating these purchases is exemplary!

    • henrygiles says:

      You know what Nick, I’m dreaming a bit. But I’m serious about it all the same.
      But then as the verse goes in Paradise Lost: ‘For contemplation he and valour formed’. The valour part being the requisite for walking into Farlows with a debit card that works in your pocket. (Works well into the red that is.)

  2. Hi Henry,

    A self confessed tackle tart after my own heart.

    Instead of buying Jimmy Choo’s its now Lamson Waterwork Reels. Totally agree Mackenzie DTX range is to “die for” I’ve tried most of the range and think the 13ft is such a great rod for us females.

    Talking about rods the 13ft and 14ft Guideline rods are pretty cool too….Match them with fabulous line from the Rio range…Don’t get me started on single handed rods…its Sage and the Orvis Helios for me….

    So thats rods…waders….3 choices for the girls either Simms, Orvis and Reddington…..I’m a Simms babe with Patagonia or should i say Prada-gonia base layers….

    You know when your fishing with a tackle tart….it takes a few attempts to close the boot….Tight Lines Henry x

    • henrygiles says:

      Anne, thanks. Some amusing material there from the Ladies Fishing side of the stream. You know I haven’t actually tried Scott’s magic rods, but I’m a good consumer I suppose, I like what I’ve read/picked up from the knights of e-commerce about DTX (reassuring to know journalism still works, even fed back on itself). So I’ve bought the concept already.
      I haven’t tried (worn) Simms either but am sure they are pukka. Very pukka.
      Nice to hear the ladies are into their 13 and 14-footers. Because I’m now pretty much sorted on my next B-I-G fishing trip (in May) and despite the extra ‘dream’ hardware in the above post I think it’s this:

      Ovis Shooting Star 15 footer with Angel I reel loaded with RIO AFS sink 2/3 and sink 3/4 10wt shooting heads.

      Super substitution: Hardy Swift 14 ft Mk II with Bougle reel (it’ll sound nice all being well) and above RIOs but in the size below (9wt).

      Polyleaders; Hardy fast sinkers and super fast sinkers. Also Airflo polyleaders in both 5ft and 10ft I guess. Some Rio ones too.

      Leader material: Seaguar 23lb fluoro and also 19lb incase the water falls and clears quickly.

      Tube-flies: Posh Tosh, Black Sheep, Black and Yellow (ie plainer version of the Posh T, but also other fancy B and Ys ie Monkey and with a nice long tail). Oh and I suppose some of those deadly ginger numbers (Allys – groan)!

      The tightest of tight lines – H.

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