Well, that was just about as good as it gets

Fact: the River Varzuga is salmon fishing paradise. At one o’clock yesterday morning, Russia time I was photographing my lodge mate Craig land his 100th salmon of our week at the lower camp’s home pool. Now Russia time is 3 hrs ahead of UK so that would be as some of you chaps were sitting down to the ten o’clock news with a Friday night chicken madras (don’t knock it).

It was one of many highlights of a truly amazing week of non stop salmon fishing action with big, strong, fresh spring salmon coming to our rods in – as another fishing Henry would say – awesome numbers. The sport was sensational and varied and it wasn’t just a numbers game although I managed to catch 71 salmon without the inconvenience even of having to fish early and late. Well not much, I think I only had one fish all week outside of the office hours before I tucked into one of Lower Varzuga cook Jenna’s breakfasts.

Frankly, fishing the Varzuga is a huge adventure and as far as I’m concerned it’s the best there is. Or as one of our gang of four, Alan ‘He is 78 you know’ J, said in his Lancastrian tones: ‘It’s the best fishing in the world.’ (And he should know he’s fished all over.)

Craig, left, with Jess at the helm and Anna, on a trip to the village we made on the Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile I continue to log onto varzuga,com for a latest report on how week 2’s party out there are getting on. Oh and Craig, (50th birthday on Sat and now fishing his second week at Middle), keep going and the tightest of tight lines, staying tight until that net is lifted – times another 100. You won’t regret it when you’re back in England. Etc.


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4 Responses to Well, that was just about as good as it gets

  1. Henry,

    So pleased you have had a fab time. Such a great feeling to play a silver tourist and ‘wow’ sounds like you’ve been on top form with 71. What was your biggest?

    Look forward to the next installment from you.

    Tight Lines

    • henrygiles says:

      Anne, Thanks for yours. My biggest was 11 1/2 lb
      Many double-figure salmon – all very fresh and fought extremely hard. Obviously many smaller than that with the pic in my Sunday eve post pretty typical of the smaller fish but not nec. average fish because average size bigger than that as you’ll see from pics to come.
      All went back very happy with hardly the need to lift from water, just tipping from the net altho guide Sergei and I often got a soaking from a feisty tale. Only two or three were bleeding from a deep taken fly and had to be taken. Mostly hooked in the scissors/a bit further forward
      Anyway I’ll get on with getting some pics up today so enjoy

  2. Charlie says:

    WOW! What a trip!!
    Look forward to catching up with you.

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