A birthday, then more Varzuga

L.V. fishing manager Jesse James's daily fishing beats board at Lower Varzuga. This was last Monday's, a day I caught 14 salmon, on beat 3 (am); and beat 2 (pm).

I just wanted to take a break from what’s basically a ‘real-time’ (tho a week after the event) blog account of my trip to fish the Varzuga by marking the 70th birthday today of a man who some have called a prophet, a sage, a voice of his generation and god of folk and rock. Come on, we all know who I’m talking about here.

But the reason that Bob Dylan is special to me (all right, lots of us) is that he has at times formed the soundtrack to some very special salmon fishing, and other, moments. I have listened to him travelling up to and around Dumfriesshire’s River Nith, often on fishing + camping/caravan holidays with my dad. I listened to him – over and over and over again, the track ‘Not Dark Yet’ – as I drove to and from Addenbrooke’s hospital where newborn Pippa and Chloe were spending their first 48 hours together back in 2007 … and now I have listened to him – I kid you not, last week – in the main lodge of the Lower Varzuga camp (I sourced a CD player from the head guide there, Misha). It was quite a good moment – but then they all were.

So that brings me back to my recent trip to the river beginning with V and plenty more pictures to show you, so here goes..

Jenna (in her white woolly hat) getting it together at theBear Corner lunch spot on the first full day of fishing, Sunday 15th.

And here's a decent fish from the same spot, same time as the one left.

Now we're catching up - here's Sergay unhooking a decent fish at Bear Corner on the Monday afternoon.

And now we're up to speed (ie a week ago today) - here's one taken on the Tuesday.

An art shot last Tuesday! Those ice walls flanked the river on both banks.

Top man (Russian guide) Sergay, with our coffee spot - and without him I'd have caught many fewer fish. He was superb with the net and just got better and better as the week progressed.


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