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Monster 46lb salmon caught on fly at Støren, R Gaula

The biggest fish of the season on the whole of the River Gaula was caught on a small tube-fly this weekend. At 46.5lb and 129cm long it was a true Norwegian monster and the fish of a lifetime for its … Continue reading

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White Sea springer

Jessie James took this excellent photograph of a bar of silver caught during a mid-week session at The Wires, towards the top of the Lower Varzuga beats last month. As he took the photo I thought: Gotta have that one … Continue reading

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Adventure on Guide Flyfishing’s new blog

American dreams, eh? Guide Flyfishing’s Waterworks ULA reel and Rio AFS shooting head lines are certainly that. I used both in Russia recently so was really happy to send a report to the new blog at Guide Flyfishing. See it … Continue reading

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25lb.. 33lb? Big fish action in Norway and Russia

More news of big fish lost on the Gaula – two from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club lower beat, E1, one of them a ‘really big fish’. And not to be outdone, Christopher Robinson reports a 25lb salmon caught on the … Continue reading

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Big Gaula salmon banked and lost

It’s at times been up and down (not least the river) but it’s now an improving picture on the Norwegian Flyfishers Club (NFC) beats of Norway’s River Gaula. And as perhaps you’d expect there have been exciting tales of battle … Continue reading

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Nearly new, flippin’ mangled

It’s a tale of two tube-flies. And when I say ‘nearly new’ (the top one), it is a relative term.


Is this art?

Just playing around with the camera in Russia. Quite like the image including bankside ice-wall, spruce and silver birch, tho. And here are some more from the Varzuga trip.

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