May be (was) good at Birgham Dub

Salmon fishing, eh? It may be good, it may not be – but what is it with my fishing friend Andrew Nathan? Like so many good salmon-fishermen he seems to get the rub of the green and hit the river when it’s just right and this was again the case for his trip last week to fish the Tweed at Birgham Dub.

Andrew fished the dying month of May in the falling waters of the perfect spate to hit fresh springers running upriver, the only ‘problem’ being the number of these runners that hit the flies then fell off after being played for up to ten minutes. One of these fish was a 20lb plus salmon, and one was a 15lb sea-trout (how did Andrew and gillie Wattie Burns know? They got a good look at both of them).

One of Andrew's Birgham fish, an absolute beauty. Glad to see the old faithful Michael Evans rod and isn't that a nice, well-filled reel? (Sorry, Andrew, I couldn't resist it.)

So with only Andrew and a pal fishing the score was ten fish in three days, all but one sea-liced and all but two eight-pounders were 10lb plus, with Andrew’s best fish a 16-pounder. As can perhaps be seen from the above shot from Wattie’s hut (how lovely is that view?), the river was running high and Andrew, who has fished at Birgham for 15 years or so, fished from the boat a fair bit.

Andrew added: “Apart from the fishing we watched the ospreys, a pair of otters, deer and other wildlife. A great few days and without doubt my best 3 spring days. I have nearly always had one or two and I have caught 4 before but this time I hooked far more and lost far more than I ever before, which doesn’t hurt quite as much when you have to put them back!”

So well done, Andrew, May (or at least the end of May) was good at Birgham Dub. Hope to join you there soon (he said enigmatically)..

Finally: First day of June, first day of the Norway salmon season, not least on the mouthwatering fly fishing beats of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club on the River Gaula and it’s worth watching this spot.

Also this one (lovely to see the Kitza producing the goods, and for Rob W with eight in a day early this week, well done Rob).

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