First of the season on Norway’s Gaula

There is nothing like that first fish of the season – and the first 2011 salmon to be caught from the beats of the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club is pictured below. Caught by Jon Anders Schei (a Norwegian regular guest of the club) – and weighing 7.5kg (16.5lb) it was a perfect Gaula springer!

After a perfect-looking run up to the anticipation of the eve of the season on May 31, the application of the rods was perhaps dented somewhat by a deluge of rain falling that night in the upper Gaula valley which raised the water volume by a third or so and brought the water temperature down a degree Celsius (according to the NFC website report).

But all credit to Jon Anders who either fished through a wet night (respect), or even got a bit of sleep in then up early am for a bash (a different kind of respect!) to hook his prize. Hooked and landed on one of the club’s productive lower Gaula beats near Kvål
(E3) the fish came among reports that with sun out in the valley conditions were improving. And as for the main body of NFC beats around Storen, salmon were showing in the pools of beat A1 – indicating fish had negotiated the Gaulfossen.

NFC team member and guide, Johannes Kmieciak also mentioned the new facility on the excellent website. This, he said, now displays the water level of the Gaulfossen and Eggafossen with updates every 15 minutes (right-hand bar of the home page).

So there it is, and if you would like to fish the above beats this season, there is still time, say NFC: “We still have a few rods vacant during the next weeks, so if you are interested to join us on short notice – you would be very welcome! Just contact us via phone at: +47-913 934 98 or send us an Email to:”


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