25lb.. 33lb? Big fish action in Norway and Russia

More news of big fish lost on the Gaula – two from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club lower beat, E1, one of them a ‘really big fish’.

And not to be outdone, Christopher Robinson reports a 25lb salmon caught on the Roxtons upper river camp at Varzuga tributary, Pana as they approach their last 2 or 3 weeks of the season.

First, back to Gaula fish caught: a 20-pounder to German rod Andreas Grass from beat D1, otherwise known as the famous Bridge Pool (pic on the NFC website).

And then some action from my favourite NFC pool, Renna. Here Mikael Andersson – pictured in yesterday’s post, lost a big salmon which took 100m of line of his reel straight after he hooked it. Mikael estimated the fish at 13-15 kilos – or 28 – 33lb – so a proper Gaula monster.

Good to hear of action on Renna, where I caught my first Gaula fish in 2009. The pool fished pretty well that year producing 60-odd fish but last year numbers dipped to fewer than ten salmon after floods rearranged the fish holding properties of the pool. This was what I was told anyway, last August as I talked to the guides in their house which overlooks the approach to Renna. I said how much I wanted to fish the pool anyway because I liked it so much and 15 minutes later was playing a decent salmon that had grabbed my deep-fished fly just upstream of the wires (good spot) but for some reason the hook pulled out after 3 or 4 minutes of the fight! Now that fish would have been nice to have caught (wouldn’t they all?!) Particularly nice though that one.

I’m afraid there’s just a couple more NFC fish lost to report – one on Bogen Sondre by Alex Viklund from Sweden and on Beat E2 to the rod of NFC’s Daniel Stephan. But to finish on another success – Bruce Bomphrey fished E1 to beach a 17.5-pounder.

Why so many lost fish? Perhaps in the rising and falling water levels out there the fish have been running and not taking the fly properly. Perhaps.

But a couple of days ago the water was rising again and peaked at 578 m³/sec. a proper flood. But the Gaula is always quickly fishable again after a flood and the next day Sven Nedved from Germany caught the first fish after the flood – a very good fish which measured 104cm and weighed 23 lb. Sven caught his salmon at the lower part on Beat A1, a typical resting place for the first fish arriving after a flood!

Finally, on the Varzuga, as well as the 25-pounder there was an 18lber also taken up at Pana. At the Middle camp they continue to catch steady numbers with 58 caught yeterday including 15 to one rod. Christopher blogged: “We saw more pods of fresh grilse splashing through – they fight like mad, jumping spectacularly.” They are now, with water temperature at 12 deg C and river levels falling by 2.5cm per day, on to the floating lines with flies as small as 12s – a bit different from when I was there a month ago and I caught 3 salmon on a two-inch brass Cascade tube with a fluo orange tube to gold Salar hook. A bit testing to cast (nearly got an impromptu ear-piercing) but effective in a lovely muddy coloured flow on that last day with fish wrenching the line out of my hand as they took the big fly. Happy days.

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