White Sea springer

Jessie James took this excellent photograph of a bar of silver caught during a mid-week session at The Wires, towards the top of the Lower Varzuga beats last month. As he took the photo I thought: Gotta have that one Jess but he, I and guide Sergay were suddenly distracted by a small explosion. No, it wasn’t the previous night’s prawn curry but Roxtons camp manager Jessie’s lifejacket which had dipped into the water and self-inflated. Quite a loud bang as the cylinder went off – and quite a hilarious moment. We got a shot of Jess too with his new found pneumatic orange neck-wear but sadly I don’t have it to hand.

It was all worth it, though for the quality of this shot which shows the calibre of the fish we were lucky enough to encounter out there in mid-May on the Kola. And it’s a great reminder of two or three excellent sessions at The Wires, on the right bank a quarter of a mile below Varzuga village where at times the fish just seemed to come and come..


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