Monster 46lb salmon caught on fly at Støren, R Gaula

The biggest fish of the season on the whole of the River Gaula was caught on a small tube-fly this weekend. At 46.5lb and 129cm long it was a true Norwegian monster and the fish of a lifetime for its captor who was fishing the Norwegian Flyfishers Club water.

Arve Nilsen was fishing with his friend Yngve Landro yesterday at 7pm on the club’s Beat B1. First of all Yngwe had a fish of 23lb from the pool. 

Meanwhile Arve patiently re-tied his leader using strong, 0.53mm line and waded into the head of the pool. After a few casts he had “an enormous take” and so started a half-hour fight that was to take him half a kilometre downstream into Renna pool where he landed the 129cm fish.

News about the salmon soon spread and it’s great to read the description of the gathering that took place on the banks here. The fire was lit, fascinated fellow rods gathered to see the monster and photographs were taken (the above shows NFC chairman Manfred Raguse, left, and Arve with the fish, which had to be taken as it was bleeding at the gills from the deep-taken fly).

For more on the capture, plus more stories of excellent recent catches on the Gaula, including Manfred’s unmissable video of the moment an 11lb salmon took his fly on the Tilseth pool a few days ago, see the club’s website (link to the right of this page).

NFC beats are fully booked in the week just started but some vacancies exist thereafter so do enquire if you’d like to fish there this year.


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