5,401 salmon in six weeks/Russia reports

That was the final score on Russia’s Varzuga in 2011 over the six prime Roxtons weeks – an amazing number really. For Charlie White’s full end of season report click here.

Charlie comments: “The amazing thing about the river is that it does not seem to be affected by sun, rain, wind or extreme temperatures. In conditions that would mean most rivers would not produce fish (we had one day of 30 degrees Celsius with a searing sun) the Varzuga continued to be remarkably productive.”

Elsewhere on the Kola..
I’ve had some fascinating reports of some rather varied fishing out on the Kola Peninsula rivers in the weeks since that mid-May season’s opening.

Some rivers, for example the Yokanga have been fishing their socks off with I think their weeks two and three in the main part of June giving a wedge of scaly monsters.

June 11-18 produced 63 fish to only 3 rods with one Yokanga beast at 35lb and 15 fish between 20-30lb. Then the following week, June 19-25, eleven rods caught 218 salmon with two over 30lb, 37 fish of between 20 and 30lb and the rest 10-20-lbers plus – and two grilse. (I like that 2 grilse. Perhaps it’s worth a T-shirt: I WENT TO FISH THE YOKANGA AND CAUGHT A GRILSE). Finally on the ‘Yok’, June 26-July 3 saw if anything the best week of the season with 16 rods catching 208 salmon

And so we come to the ASR rivers of the Kharlovka, Litza, Rynda etc and here I think the fishing’s been poor in low water, high air and water temperatures and a relative scarcity of fish. A number of salmon to July 2nd for the season (total catch for BOTH Kharlovka and Litza) was quoted at 369 fish. The last week producing hard ‘August water levels’ fishing with 116 salmon (2 over 30lb).

Icelandic salmon man Arni B gave 63 and 43 salmon for each of the last two weeks on the Varzina – in his words ‘disappointing to be sure’. The Kola river too, near Murmansk, has struggled somewhat, tho now with the grilse in they are managing 3 fish a rod a day.
Oh and the Ponoi – well they had 200 in a recent week and that doesn’t sound that high – with about 12 per rod? But don’t quote me.


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