Images of summer

Only ten days or so until I drive up north to go fishing again for a week on the Nith at Closeburn Castle with two days on the Tweed at Birgham Dub.

Grilse? Bigger summer salmon? Sea-trout? I don’t know and the Nith is so unpredictable but there is rain up there, or rather heavy showers as I write. Very rarely is it ever enough though – you need one of those ear-splitting summer thunderstorm downpours to really get the fish up off the tide.

Meanwhile I selected a few images of previous Julys up in Scotland as a reminder of how ace it is up there (with the possible exception of one of my fry-up riverbank breakfasts). The first photo shows a brace of sea-trout caught last July from the Stream at Birgham Dub, the bigger was 5 lb.. Oh go on 5 lb plus. Oh go on 5 lb 6 oz. Or thereabouts…

… and here’s Birgham’s ‘Wires’ whence both fish came:

July 2009: a perfect Nith summer fish: Dad's 13-pounder and his first-ever salmon.

Andrew N with a 12 lb Birgham salmon caught last July

View from our Beat 2 hut on the Nith – under the same horse chestnut that in the October week brings conkers raining down onto the roof in a wind in that iconic autumn scenario. Idyllic in summer too, as you can see.

There's that breakfast, eggs over-easy..

July 2007: eight inches of water overnight and suddenly some grilse appeared. Two of them (well three - lost the other one!)

You know I really can't think which Nith pool this is but it may be Woodend. Lovely evening light...

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3 Responses to Images of summer

  1. Craig Pauley says:

    Hi Henry, Hope you have a cracking week on the Nith and Tweed. Does this mean that you’ll miss the Gave Fair? I’ll be going on Friday and will hopefully meet up with some of the Varzuga gang.

  2. Craig Pauley says:

    I really ought to fetch my glasses out of the car!!!!!! What the bloody hell is a Gave Fair?

    • henrygiles says:

      Hi Craig, That was funny I thought, My god I’ve got a literal on my blog! But hadn’t read your previous. No sadly I won’t make the Game Fair for obvious reasons (fishing) and this is something that happens about one year in two, ie when the cylical calendar of my timeshare week swings round then I can make it again.
      But enjoy it although I’m not sure how many of Gang Varzuga will be present – Roxtons don’t go (Charlie White’s in Iceland) but Sportfish/Farlows do so Brian Fratel may be there.
      Thanks for your wishes for my fishing – it can be thin pickings on the Nith but Tweed should be good. I have just learnt how to Tweet via my phone so even if you don’t do Twitter, if you log onto my blog home page you can read any reports in the Twitter bit on the right of that page. It’ll probably say something like: caught a 1.5lb sea-trout and got food poisoning from the dodgy Chinese takeway. No I’ll try harder than that..

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