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And definitely something about ‘wild Gaula’!

My last post promised some Home truths and more photos. Well here’s my second fish of last week, which took a Park Shrimp conehead tied by this salmon adventurer’s secret weapon Mr Ross Macdonald (his link appears here on the … Continue reading


There’s something about Norway, oh yes.

I returned from seven full days’ fishing in Norway last night. Once again I found it a rich and intense but also enjoyable experience and that is perhaps why the time went so quickly and I now find myself back … Continue reading

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Huge August flood on the Gaula

Last year I fished the last week of the season on the Gaula and we had the lowest water levels for that time seen since the 1960s. I managed to winkle out three grilse over the course of the week … Continue reading

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20 salmon in a day to one Tweed rod

There has been a lot of rain over the Tweed this week. And on one day – Wednesday – a lot of fish were caught. Certainly a lot for August. It’s difficult to tell exactly what the water levels were … Continue reading

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Put another log on the fire for me

So that’s it. I’m going to Norway in two weeks, no make that 11 days, for the last week of the season. The flights are booked, the route is planned, the company out there, including two ‘email’ friends I have … Continue reading

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First salmon: a true story

I hope you enjoy this story of a first-ever salmon told by work colleague Nick. It seems to me that all first salmon stories are good (there’s a nice recent one here), but this one is funnier than most and … Continue reading

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One-metre salmon for Neil!

The latest from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club as they start the third and final month of their short Gaula season describes a frustrating scenario of falling and rising water. Just as the river looks perfect, the rain *****s down and … Continue reading

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