One-metre salmon for Neil!

The latest from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club as they start the third and final month of their short Gaula season describes a frustrating scenario of falling and rising water. Just as the river looks perfect, the rain *****s down and the levels come up again and with it salmon that run for the headwaters and if they take the fly, take it ‘badly’.

This was the case, perhaps, for English first-time visitor Neil Lobban who lost a big salmon and another fish but then his luck changed. Neil fished beat A1 to hook and land this belter of 11 kilos (24lb) and ‘100cm long’ (the fish was sportingly released) and it looks to have been well deserved indeed. Very well done Neil, I hope I am as lucky in 3 weeks when I hope to fish the same pool, all being well.

It was also great to hear, the week before, of NFC man Thies Reimers catching a 17lber from the lovely Bua Bridge pool (the Bua is a Gaula tributary and it is one of NFC’s special beats). Lovely.

To round off here’s another pic of Neil Lobban, playing his big A1 fish. The water looks big but clear. I love a salmon playing shot when you know there’s a happy outcome!

Finally NFC are hoping for good fishing this week with falling water. There are vacancies available still this month of August, get in touch with Manfred Raguse, NFC chairman via their website on the link to the right of my home page. It’s really not that hard – book a direct flight to Trondheim from Heathrow, or perhaps fly as I did last year via Stansted and Oslo (Rygge) then get an internal flight (I went with to Trondheim, and pick up a Budget hire car for the week from there.. May see you there..

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