There’s something about Norway, oh yes.

I returned from seven full days’ fishing in Norway last night. Once again I found it a rich and intense but also enjoyable experience and that is perhaps why the time went so quickly and I now find myself back in Cambridgeshire tired, happy and once again with this fabulous sport, feeling I have really learned new tricks and broken on through to new territory. As well as – just as importantly – having made some good new friends, I hope and trust.

The bald facts of how the Gaula fishing went in their last full week of the season are perhaps not easy to grapple with as sadly the fishing as a whole was not intensely prolific – at least by the start of the final day, yesterday, when I had to leave at 10am to drive the 485km back to ‘Moss Lufthaven Rygge’ or one of Oslo’s two or three airports.

But just to post a few pictures including the one at the top which was on the evening of Sat 20th when I had reached the Støren stronghold of NFC. I was sorted with a one-off room in the famous Maela House near the Home pool and then I beetled off in my nippy hire car to track down Manfred Raguse talking to an NFC rod at the Bridge Pool. The mist was around and it was atmospheric with a capital A with Manfred and friend dwarfed by the majesty of their setting (it’s worth a click to view large).

And I’m not trying to tease as I now have to rush off to a children’s birthday party on my bank holiday and will give a full report in the next day or two but here’s the moment my week got ‘on track’ at the Railway Pool with a nice fresh grilse – on track, Railway, geddit? A stunning silver ‘3 kilo’ fish, taken on the ‘Dark Horse’ Templedog tube-fly which would have tasted very good baked in butter and lemon juice with fresh dill, but I’d pledged to myself I’d release my first so back he went into the swirling depths!

Look more, much more (I took a ton of photos), anon but let’s just say some Home truths emerged later in the week … on the Home Pool which in my final shot here is in the view from my first night in that Maela House after I’d put my contact lenses in in the bathroom. Almost within casting distance if you were Scott Mackenzie…


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