Helios, fiske … more images of Norway

Last week on the River Gaula I fished with an Orvis Helios Spey 15 footer throughout (apart from a brief dalliance with the 13ft seven-piece Airflo Journeyman travel rod that appeared in September’s Trout and Salmon but to be honest I’d loaded it too heavy and it wasn’t-doing-it-for-me-but-I-hardly-gave-it-a-chance).

Ah, but the Helios… The Helios [8 3/8oz ‘Tip Flex’] was a bold, man’s (Viking’s) rod and it took a tiny bit of getting used to but my goodness I appreciated the power when I needed it. It looks nice and sleek doesn’t it in the shot above d’ya think? I was fishing down the B1 NFC pool, Langoy, which has been so productive this season but not for me (ever yet) sad to say.

I remember this wade. Plenty of fish were showing, a big coloured 18lber further down, a couple of salmon on the far left bank and a pretty little mint-fresh grilse of only 4lb or so which kept poking his or her head out of the fast water right at the head of the pool (with 200 yards of ferocious fast flowing rapids immediately above before the respite of Lower Railway I can understand this reticence).

Why grilse, hello!

Well here’s one that made it up to the Railway pool – my first fish of the week again, cropped close up from a photo the NFC’s Thies Reimer kindly took and sent me yesterday.

Thies had been fishing the beat above or rather guiding a group of three rods on Long Pool upstream when I hooked the fish and noticing they’d stopped fishing and were headingmy way I called out in a somewhat, er, loud way to get his attention as I remembered there was a net about and it seemed necessary to land what seemed a very lively fish when I first hooked it. Yes I thought it was bigger than 7 but we all get excited! Don’t we? (Yes I do.)

Um, more pics and hope these work, if not bear with me and I shall re-jig.

Here’s an atmospheric

And this is iconic Home pool signage

And what next? Rods on the Tilseth House balcony

Upstream to Langoy, and a nice fishing light

Even nicer light…

Phil in pink trousers on the Tilseth balcony

Big fish Enlgishman Paul casts at Tilseth Run

Bucolic Junction car park vista

A Maela lunch



You didn’t think I’d leave out the sunset shot, did you?

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