An English village green

There are only one, or at most two, non-fishing posts a year on this blog and normal business will resume shortly I promise. But I thought it worth celebrating a late September day that produced a record temperature of 28.8C at Kew Gardens. (I mean, where were they taking the reading, in the greenhouses?) No I believe it as I spent a superb afternoon in that lovely chilled yet sun-drenched air of late, late summer. Best of all, I was out of the office and with Chloe and Pippa – and we visited a village in Cambridgeshire as Chloe hacked out on a new horse she’s been looking at.

I took these shots from some swings we sat on in the shade and with conkers on the ground (to Pippa’s delight) and green still on the trees, and around us the air still bearing heat from France and Spain – for five minutes it was paradise.

Of course, Pippa, who is four, quickly wanted to move on to other park machinery – but I could have stayed there all day.

The strange thing was the green was completely deserted, although children turned up later and there wasn’t a chance to swing in that particular bit of shade again. Good, though…


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