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Arni, now that is what I call spring salmon fishing

Some of us hunt, some of us gather, some of us do both. Firmly in the hunting camp (I think he hunts and fishes so much he wouldn’t have time to go picking sloes for his Christmas gin) is Icelandic … Continue reading

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It’s been good –

the 2011 salmon season! Not over yet of course, but it is for me. So I’m looking back to those perfect springers of May this year from Russia’s Varzuga river (Roxtons’ Jess James took this shot of one I caught … Continue reading

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Autumn waters run deep (V2)

Don’t worry that’s literal, not metaphorical. I can’t really be bothered with the latter just now! I took this photo of the Nith a week ago today. It’s the spot where Thornybank pool merges into the Canal on beat 3 … Continue reading

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Seven-day countdown to the NASF Oslo auction

Orri Vigfusson’s NASF or North Atlantic Salmon Fund is just that, a fund and it continues to need money to pay off or buy-out the Faroese, Greenland and other north Atlantic salmon nets. Stand aside, then for the seventh auction … Continue reading


Funny how one salmon on a fly-rod can change your mind

After five solid days of fishing without a touch (plus four solid days without a touch fished alongside me by two fishing friends to whom I raise my hat in salute) I was scribbling notes for my blog post on … Continue reading


Solway’s big’uns are back

It’s lovely on this windy, rapidly cooling day when autumn colours have gripped the Fens at last, and I can start to count the time before I drive north to fish in hours rather than days, to read of big, … Continue reading


The other Gaula

Roxtons have attached the pdf of founding director Christopher Robinson’s thoughtful summary of the 2011 Norway rivers season to their website and it’s nicely written and well worth a read. Norway is a lovely, beautiful country and its rivers – … Continue reading

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