The other Gaula

Roxtons have attached the pdf of founding director Christopher Robinson’s thoughtful summary of the 2011 Norway rivers season to their website and it’s nicely written and well worth a read.

Norway is a lovely, beautiful country and its rivers – as I have found on the Gaula – can give you sublime salmon fishing and memories to fuel you through the winter months. All in a bucolic paradise of a setting, which I was able to fully appreciatewith an epic 700-mile round-trip drive I made up from Oslo to Støren and back in August. (The things I’ll do to fly from my local Stansted airport!)

This journey gave me the chance to savour the ‘Norway way of life’ – outdoors life basically with, it seemed to me, most Norwegians happy to spend their summer holidays in a tent, caravan or some pretty basic looking wooden cabins. It can’t be that money’s a restraining factor (and many of the tents looked distinctly retro – the sort of thing our family camped in during the 1970s) as Norway now is a very wealthy country, but that’s the Norwegian way and if you’re into fishing that will definitely help!

So back to the report and the Gaula I’ve been fishing is the big (famous) Gaula that runs north to Trondheim. But Roxtons have sourced fishing for 2012 on another Gaula – a river north of Bergen on the west coast. It’s a traditional fishery whose ‘big house’ is an old rectory with giant salmon reproduced on the floor (a very Norwegian touch and the photo in the report shows a lovely traditional Norwegian interior).

A point Christopher makes in the report is how the Trondelag region and west coast of Norway had a very wet summer, whereas the north of Norway suffered rather a dry season.

He also touches on the mixed stock fishery in the north which has been taking unknown numbers of salmon destined for the rivers of the North Kola in Russia (among others), something that has angered the Russians.

Roxtons rods fished the Lakselva in August and mid-month saw a falling water for their team at Stuenes but two huge salmon were caught –  a 54lb monster and a 44-pounder. Both fish took a Red Francis from the Home Pool and sadly (so I understand) there was no photo of the bigger fish, which was caught during a solo excursion by a veteran rod in the very early morning.


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