Solway’s big’uns are back

October beech trees in Nithsdale.

It’s lovely on this windy, rapidly cooling day when autumn colours have gripped the Fens at last, and I can start to count the time before I drive north to fish in hours rather than days, to read of big, chunky salmon being caught on the Nith.

The latest FishNith offering diligently compiled by fellow Closeburn Castle rod owner Ed Baxter reports fish of 23lb, 22lb, two at just under 20, two 18-pounders, a 16lb salmon at Dalswinton and a Closeburn Castle 15-pounder – from our Beat 3 pool, Woodend – among 20 known fish caught last week in difficult high water condidtions.

It’s getting dark now as I write this at 6.30pm after a satisfying afternoon labouring out on the yard stockpiling giant bales of hay and straw from farmer John down the road. In an uncertain world, they sit in our barn as insurance against the winter.

And now the Solway 2 and 3-sea-winter salmon are starting to run into the rivers up north, and after returning 99 per cent of my salmon caught this year, I may yet get a silver salmon to pop into Neil’s freezer, then bring down over the Border and smoke for Christmas. And that feels good.


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2 Responses to Solway’s big’uns are back

  1. Craig Pauley says:

    Hi Henry, Good to hear from you. I’m off to the Tweed for a week at the end of October. I’ve booked a mixed bag this time for a change. 3 days on Caberston, then single days on Sunderland Hall, Glenormiston and Nest so that I can try different beats this year. When are you going up North?

  2. henrygiles says:

    Hi Craig,
    Likewise – and have a great week on the Tweed. I go up early next week but will post when I return after Sunday 16th. Have emailed you my new email address. Rgds Henry.

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